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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just The Facts Wrap-up

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, still feeling good from the amazing, incredibly lucky end to our trip. I did some Veeblework, got of the amazing Wynn Reserve coffee (this coffee is the best brewed coffee in Vegas, or my name isn't Ducky Bradford) and hot water and some sort of semi-horrid egg thing for breakfast that is not worthy of Wynn, and got ready to roll.

I also snuck in a $20, four hands of dollar Bonus Poker. Got one pair out of it.

We finished packing up, and we got an email from the Bell Trans saying our limo was on its way. We checked out, and headed downstairs, to the main valet. The limo was right on time, and again, we didn't have to share with anyone. $28 per person return was a steal for this service, and if we need to do it again, this is how we'll -ahem- roll.

Everything went smoothing at the airport and the Rouge slaveship was on time arriving from Toronto, and also leaving Las Vegas. And that's where I am right now, seated on the aisle, having had a little plastic bottle of plonk and some hummus, and reviewing the pictures from yesterday, and writing up the blog.

The Airport is not without its diversions.
And there goes attempt number 23 - all unsuccessful.
I bought my 8 millionth in flight chicken wrap - it's the only thing that remotely appeals to me on the menu - and while digging for my wallet, my elbow contacted a flight attendant.

"Sorry! Did I bump you?" I asked.

"That soft lump was just my fat ass," replied the F.A. "Not a problem."

"On the contrary, I found it to be firm and toned," I insisted. Everyone in earshot had a good chuckle.

Life is good.
Some of Rouge's equipment. (The cart.)
I still have unfinished business in Vegas - that's three trips in a row with no royals for me. It's a mission, still.

The Final Tally

RF: Day: -$200 Trip: -$1860
QQ: Day: +$840 Trip: -$1640

Combined: -$3500

That's around $200 a day each.

Here comes the fancy math... For $200 a day each we got:
Room for all nights except one, including two free nights at Wynn.
Extra room for three nights.
Food for about five days out of nine, including two $150 dinners at Redwood Grille.

We also got about $1,400 in free play, and two limo security SUV rides, and a Binions cap. And a Lucky Werewolf SILVER! STRIKE!!.

It was an interesting experience doing this trip report live after having done quite a few after the fact from notes lately. It takes time out of Vegas, but I enjoy the feedback I'm getting - a lot more of you have communicated in one way or another. So I suspect you are more engaged also, when you now it is happening more or less as you read it, and that what is going to happen is not yet known as you are reading along.

Quite a few folks reached out to offer drinks and meetups. I'm sorry that didn't happen, please accept that first of all, there are too many requests to honor them all, and second, with having to work at Veeblefetzer, and blog live, there just wasn't much time to make arrangements and be specific places at certain times and so on.

Your interest is appreciated, and just know that the best part of Flusher is right here on the blog. Writing about video poker, I can make it sound fairly interesting - much more interesting than in actually witnessing it, which is 99% boring with 1% holy shit moments.

Until next time, stay savvy, and keep the royals coming.

Your Internet Pal,

St!mul8 Royal Flusher

This last picture is for a very special friend of Royal Flusher. Thinking of you.


    1. Love your trip reports (whether live or not) ~ always look forward to the next one. I'll have to admit, tho ~ reading the live ones is a bit more exciting, knowing we're sharing your days almost as they happen! We're heading to Vegas in October to do battle ~ it's been way too long between royals for us too!

    2. Thanks for another great series...really enjoyed the "almost live" experience. Glad you had some last day luck!

    3. Wonderful TR -as always!!!! Sorry no Royals-but,you tried your best!!! Wear your cap with pride Mr Flusher-its a badge of honour!!! Thanks for a good read!!! Till your next time! Regards,Chriss in UK.

    4. I hope you don't keep us waiting too long till your next trip I love reading of your adventures in Vegas

    5. Awesome! Another excellent trip report with lots of laughs. I love your blog 😊

    6. My wife and I were in Vegas early last week so we barely missed you. You actually do make VP more interesting with your witty writing style but I'd bet you could make trips to the dentist entertaining as well. Vegas, for excitement, is pretty hard to beat but if you are looking for a pure gaming experience make one of your trips to San Diego and spend a few days at the Barona Casino. I would gladly talk you through the basics of that place. -Bob

    7. Another A-1 kick ass trip report St!mul8!! The Royals will come. Gotta make use of the Royal Flusher signature cards!!

    8. I feel bad to have enjoyed what ended up being a losing session so much. But win or lose, I truly enjoy vicariously experiencing the trips with you, Flusher. Thanks so much for taking the time to entertain!


    9. I recently stayed for ten days. almost the same time you were in Vegas. Boulder Station and El Cortez. Room cost, total: $142 (comps and discounts, generated from $1000-$2000/day prior play). I earned enough points at Boulder to get all my meals comped or discounted, and had $50 food credit at the Cortez. Total food expenditure: $90. $232 room and board for ten days.
      There are fullpay machines at both places. I played 10/7 DB and Downtown Deuces at the EC and FPDW and FPJW at Boulder. On roughly $35K coin-in for the trip, I lost $160. No royals, but a lot of quad deuces and 5oak on Joker saved me. Total cost for the trip: $392.
      Flusher, I had as much fun as you, ate as well as you, and spent about $33 a day. Stay the hell away from those stupid 7/5 Bonus poker games and the ripoff hotels they are in. The comps you get, you bleed out three or four times their value. Why bother when you can stay, eat, and NOT lose, playing the same type of games and eating the same food (and both my EC rooms AND the Boulder rooms were an order of magnitude nicer than that Luxor pit you stayed in, though not up there with the You Can't Wynn--and I think you shed a lot of blood to be able to sleep in those nice beds)?

    10. Enjoyed this latest trip report series! Congrats to QQ on her Royal win!

      How about the 4 Queefs?

    11. What happened with all of those scratch off cards you were collecting?


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