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Friday, October 23, 2015

Flying - Absolute Nasal Elixer Magic!

So meanwhile, back in the States, I’m a Cadet on this Bonebook now. Watertown is a comfy little airport, not much different in size from Flusherville Regional Aerodrome. The flight was on time, and they have some pretty sophisticated creature comforts in the well appointed departure lounge, such as the Brew ‘n Slurp Honor System Coffee Dispensary.
AA's esteemed Brew ‘n Slurp Honor System Coffee Dispensary
They fly regional commuter jets in the summer to Philly, and in the other months that aren’t summer, Dash 8s. And that’s what we flew. About an hour and a quarter. Once you land in Philly you are at some outpost 3rd class citizen terminal and you have to get on a bus to get to the ‘big boy’ terminal. We bought a few snacks at some shop that looked like it had ‘healthier’ chocolate and managed to ring up $44 worth of stuff. Oopsies.

The flight to Vegas left on time more or less and I’m writing this at 33,194 feet and 7 inches above terra firma. On the Bonebook. Next stop Vegas!

And of course, I will see if I can actually play a movie on this thing when it counts.

Ah flying. It’s so wonderful. You know how there are some things that you experience flying that you just don’t get anywhere else?

There’s that particular smell when they start heating up the for purchase meals… it smells like steamed cheese with an undertown of armpit. Absolute nasal elixir magic!

The Bonebook allowed me to watch my videos no problem. Well, the Arc Welder - VLC solution was a tad finicky, but for the most part, I was able to enjoy some of my traditional airline crash investigation shows. I get bizarre pleasure out of taunting certain death this way.

The flight was pleasant enough, but long. However, we landed on time and the limo was waiting. The bags came out pretty promptly and I would say that everything about this trip ran smooth as silk. It's about time!

Hello Las Vegas!!!
We got checked into our usual Parlor Suite at the Cal - which is nothing much, but bigger and comfier than a standard room. We like it.

Time to hit the casino! And we did. We played in the now redone alcove at first, trying various parlays. Generally not much was happening for me. We moved to some slant-tops and the Quad Queen was first on the board with, well, a Quad.
And I broke the ice too. We were playing a lot of 50 cent video poker, looking to parlay up to dollars and beyond. But not much of that was happening.
After an hour or so we ate some dinner at the coffee shop. I had a very respectable Ruben. It was so respectable, that I often referred to it as 'Mr. Ruben Sandwich'. The Quad Queen had the prime rib special, which was odd - it was two thinly sliced pieces instead of one thick slice. But she said it was tasty and that's all that mattered - never mind that it was the dregs of a prime rib, perhaps the sub-prime rib?...

Respectable Mr. Ruben Sandwich
We went back to the machines and I dropped twenty after twenty. Yes, after the debacles of the last couple of trips, I have stuck to my book learnin' and changed my $500 stake in for twenty dollar bills. We moved machines a lot, drilling test holes, looking for that good machine.

At one point, in some frustration, I played two hands of $2 video poker. Ten bucks a throw. Got nothing. In went another twenty and back to 50 cent Bonus. A little while in, I held three to a Royal and drew.

"Got it."

The music started and I'd nailed it. My first Royal Flush of 2015, and my first in almost a year. That monkey was off my back and once again I am Royal Flusher! The only thing that would have been better is if they had forgotten to with-hold anything. But that only happens in fantasies, right?...

I did think for a moment that perhaps I'd just missed a $2 Royal ($8000) but that's just a stupid mind game. I'd won $2000 and I was damn glad to have done so. And who wouldn't be??? It's not like I played $2 all day long. Far from it.

What a great start to my trip, and how nice to have the long drought broken at last!

There were a few other quads by QQ and then bed, around 11:30pm, where I slept and dreamed of the Happy Video Poker Orgasm Music.

RF: Day: +$1560 Trip: +$1560
QQ: Day: -$200 Trip: -$200
Combined +$1360


    1. Great start buddy! My experience Has been that royals come in bunches, so am pretty sure this won't be the last one for this trip.

      Good luck to you and the quad queen and thanks for sharing!

    2. Way to go Flusher! Loving the report, get another Royal!

    3. Yeah boy! Keep it rolling!!!!!

    4. Headed to MGM Signature in the long is your savviness gonna be downtown? Congrats on the Half Dollar Royal!!

    5. Congrats on the great start - keep it going!!!


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