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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Leaving Las Laughlin

Wednesday Oct. 28, 2015 - Day 7

We took a day trip up to Laughlin to check it out. I kind of wanted to see if I could find the casino where some of Leaving Las Vegas was filmed, and in particular an old coin dropper Universal Big Bertha - same as the one the D had for so long, most recently upstairs. Elisabeth Shue got kissed up against that machine in the movie and I understand the scene was filmed in Laughlin.

We headed up and played at the Aquarius, which was pretty acceptable. The paytables are amazing, actually. The place is brimming with full pay video poker including a Jacks game with a 350 coin straight flush that pays back around 100%.
We had a great initial run on those games and then I went to eat at the buffet, which could have been a huge error, considering there were all of 6 people patronizing the 5999 seat buffet.

Making up the shortfall were billions of little moth like bugs which have decided to pretty much invade and take over Laughlin, for Hallowe'en I suppose.

The Empty Buffet at High Noon

Laughlin has its own local love affair with huge vats of Country Throw-up Gravy.
Unfortunately, after lunch, we played some triple play Slutty Times Pay and I kind of went on tilt, dumping four $100 bills in quick succession - snatching defeat from the jaws of break-even.

The Quad Queen was down too until she made a last second comeback on Desperation Dollars.
"You know, if you had been playing Double Double Bonus...."
We headed back to the car and went to where, as near as I could figure it, those scenes in Leaving Las Vegas were filmed. Well, the place looked nothing like what I saw in the movie and all the machines were new. It was a complete bust. We played $100 on Megabucks - because you always have to play Megabucks sometime. It was fun alternating spins but you can guess the final outcome.

RF: Day: -$570 Trip: +$1810
QQ: Day: +$130 Trip: -$1470

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