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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rock On, Flushiepants

Friday October 23, 2015 - part 4

A couple of quick Double Double Bonus quads just before feedbag time got me back to minus $600.

Quad queen got some too.

Dinner at the Redwood was great, as usual, although the Jays got beaten out by KC while we were having our entrees. Well, that was one less opportunity for me to make losing sports bets this year I guess. Bright side, right? Right.

I’d made the reservation earlier on the little Bat-phone outside the restaurant. To The Cal’s credit, they knew who we preferred to serve us. Hillario or Janelle. (Come to think of it, the folks running the video poker tournament knew us by name as well. This is getting scary. Or comfy.)

Hillario, our personal waiter, whom we also allow to serve other guests during the evening, and when we are not in residence, greeted us warmly, and as usual, served with finesse and precision. He’s really great.

As we settled in and drinks were served (Jameson’s for madame, a glass of the Mark West for Mr. madame) a relaxed smile oozed its way across my face like lava slowly claiming a highway in Hawaii. (Ga hyuh, I writes purty, don’ I, ga-hyuy.)

“You know, I feel good here,” I said to the Quad Queen. “I feel like a somebody here. A somebody that’s just lost all their money.”

In preparation for the Quad Queen’s lobster tail, a tiny frying pan was brought to the table, on a little campfire stand with a teeny candle campfire in it.

This is the kind of equipment you mostly find in those swirly squirt bottle restaurants, where everything is a puree, mostly, and every plate is adorned with inexplicable dots of stuff (in descending sizes, on an arc), and bottomed by a puree skidmark which ranges giddily across the plate.

In the little frying pan they create the main course, which is likely a pan seared sprig of parsley and a single heirlook designer sous vide fava been.

The more expensive the restaurant, the more swirly squirt bottle potions they use, and the smaller the portion.

The best part is the menu on which you will see:

Swirly squirt bottle spring of fresh parsley with one fava bean accompaniment        300.

I was full after eating dinner. Which makes sense, as I wasn’t full before eating dinner. But I was full after, so naturally, I crammed down a creme brulee. With fava bean. 55.

When you are losing, there is only one way back. This is what the Quad Queen has been saying since we got here. So we picked our battle carefully - 10 play Bonus Poker.

And by the hairs of Jimmy Poon’s moles, I did just great! I worked that sucker up and finished the day off with a plus $400 session. I got tons of dealt hands like straights, and fulls house, and a few quads as well. It was a beautiful thing, and for once I didn’t play it all back!

RF: Day: -$300 Trip: +$1260
QQ: Day: -$1100 Trip: -$200
Combined: +$1060

Do I have to say how much I am enjoying this start to the trip in comparison to two trips ago when I dumped $1700 in 18 hours?

No I do not!

Rock On, Flushiepants!!!!


    1. I'll sing the chorus: Rock on Flushiepants ROCK ON! Loving the report as usual!

    2. Time for another RF! But where's the CTUG? I count on daily gravy pics.....

    3. Yea, The Dollar play Flusher had a pretty bad run upon arrival. Hard to dig out of that hole without a HUGE bankroll. Much better start this time! If you up denominations, it generally stings you minus the really big hit that got you hooked in the first place (for me, it was a Dollar royal. Alll of a sudden a quarter royal felt like a let down).

      Anyway, I was playing over my head at dollars. I still dabble in it because I'm a degenerate but I know that quarter risk is probably plenty. I've been stomped on quarters enough to know it's enough action for my bank account, $5 royal fantasies not withstanding.


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