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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Two Times is a Royal Charm - Part 2

Thursday continued...

Now where was the 'Royal' part of that last post? Huh? Huh?

First order of business after winning was to do something reallllly important - get my ass to the Cal and... reunited with my Bonebook power suppy charger thingy!!! YES YES YES!! The host office had it stored away for me, just like they said. OMG life was all caramel corn and chili dogs, as we say in Flusherville when things are all going your way.

I was peckish (means hungry) but didn't want to ruin dinner, so I had a quick snack of a chili dog at the Cal snack bar. What a feast it was.

Foodies be damned, I ate this and, well, it didn't kill me. That's something.
Meanwhile back at the Nugget, the Quad Queen had run the dollar machines up to $400 and then promptly lost back half of it.

I kind of avoided playing the end machine, because I'd gotten a dollar Royal on it last year this time, and I wasn't one of those superstitious nincompoops who has a 'lucky' machine. If fact, I felt like I'd sucked all the Royalness out of that machine already. So I played the one next to it.

$20. In. And in a minute or so it was gone.

So I tried another $20. Drilling test holes, you know. And it went a bit better but dumpered.

What the heck, I tried the end one. Put $20 in. Played a few hands and was getting a few wins, this and that. And then I was dealt, as one often is, three to a royal. Hearts. I watched the needed cards fill in and then the bass line starts with an ascending pickup to the main melody of the Happy Video Poker Orgasm Song with its walking bass that I often sing when times are rough and people are looking at me like I am strange.

"Got it!"

And I had. Finally, after almost a year of struggle, my latest Royal and, actually, my best, a progressive beauty of $4168 or so.

Fuck YEAH!!!!!!

It took them 25 minutes to pay me (less 30%, rat bastard IRS) but I still tipped them. Why not.

I was already having a great trip and this just blew it wide open. I can't tell you how relieved I was. Well, maybe I can. Imagine a ten ton anvil swinging from your dick for a year and all of a sudden it is removed (anvil). If you don't have a dick, you'll have to use your imagination for the dick part - ten ton anvils are a dime a dozen these days, when it comes to imagined self-generated anxiety and stress.

We made a deposit in the safe in the room (boy did it feel good to be stuffing the little envelope with hundies) and headed out on walkabout to the Four Queens, where we had a date with dinner.

Chicago Brewing Company at the Four Queens

Who wants pizza?
Right after dinner, Blonde4Ever and Kodidog tracked us down at the entrance to the restaurant. We had a happy reunion and headed to Binions for some drinks and video poker.

We occupied a bank of 4 machines and got caught up, having a great ole time. The Quad Queen was still struggling, but hit for $500 and that helped a lot.

Now THAT's a phone case. 
I had one in there somewhere and forgot a picture.

We headed back to the Nugget so we could sit and hear the band playing at the Rush lounge, and play 8/5 Bonus Quarters. The band played a lot of rockabilly, and a smattering of older pop tunes. They were pretty good. Didn't catch the name.

And just to finish off a great day, we got His 'n Her's Four Pointies.

RF: Day: +$2920 Trip: +$4930
QQ: Day: -$400 Trip: -$1870
Combined: +$3060


    1. Just wondering if you +2920 was with the taxes withheld. I am assuming it is since you were Midas on everything today.
      Keep em coming.

      1. I'm not including the taxes withheld in the win/loss totals. And I took such a shitkicking this year that I should get 'em all back next year, for a little Flushie Bonus. :)

    2. You are rockin' it Flushie! Make it an RF triple header!

    3. NICEE hit on the $1 Royal Flushie! Love your report as usual.

    4. I have never hit a dollar royal. Yours is so gorgeous!

      It makes no sense that they take tax out for you, knowing they are going to give it back. But they do not take it out of ours, and then ask for it later. 'Merica.


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