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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Pointy Good Thing

Thursday November 5, 2015 - Day 15 - part 2

And so it was. I headed to Le Thai - brief wait for a spot, which I didn't mind - I stood outside and soaked up the sun. QQ headed to the El Cortez.

Lunch at Le Thai never disappoints.
Face Pressed Against Mural Single Lonely Diner seating.
Green curry chicken, cucumber salad, inverted bowl o' brown rice. $15.
Lunch done, I took a complete circuitous tour of all of the El Cortez (thinking it would be easy to find you-know-who), and you have to know, I was a good boy. I did not slip a single $20 bill into any machine. When I exhausted all possible QQ locales without success, I sent a text. 'whre the fuk r u'

Answer: 'DTG'.
Air FU Canada's new Super Economy Revenge Seating.
Behold, the Grand. And their $11 valey parking. Wake up, guys...

It had been a good exercise interval of approximately 7 minutes with which to burn off Le Lunch. And so I headed back to the DTG, where we did play us some video poker.

Quad Queen's mantra was "I. Want. A. Bonus Deluxe. Quad." (She doesn't read the blog.) Quarters would do, but when the losing set in, she set her sights on dollars.

Over and over she parlayed from Bonus Poker, only to fail at Boner Deluxe.

I have a photo taken from the room at the DTG, so obviously, for some reason, we had to go up there. Perhaps to reload our stakes from the little envelope in the safe.

But it was obvious that the Winds of Change of the Sierra Mod Ray were circling and blowing and affecting our luck.
Three on the Winds of Change - Money Plays.
And with one final bash downstairs, QQ got Four Pointies.

On Boner Deluxe.
You can view this as a good thing. Or a bad thing. Good thing - $400. Bad thing - Aces pay $400 on Bonus Poker anyway. And more on Double Double.

We chose to view this as a Pointy Good Thing.

So did the little man on the TV. He was very happy for the Quad Queen.

You can probably guess where we headed next - back down the street, through Binions Birdshitland, to the Cal. We had a date at the Redwood for dinner! But first... some more 10-play!

We've been under-using these Gold cards, let me tell you. I'd given up ordering red wine on the casino floor (or from my casino chair) because it's 3 week old Chateau Plonque, aged in the prison-yard tradition in rusty iron casks for nearly 3 weeks in the basement of the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

I asked the CW if there was anything good that I could have. She started rattling off the names of things, any and all of which come from the same oversized wine-in-a-box they decant the Chateau Plonque into.

I've enjoyed many a glass of the Mark West the Redwood serves and asked about that. And the answer was a revelation.

"I'm going to the Redwood bar right now for another customer. Give me your card and I'll return with a glass of the Mark West for you."

I did, she did, and she earned a fiver for it.

This opens a whole new world of drinking possibilities.
I enjoyed my wine, and did $1500 coin in. $100 cash in, $100 cash out. Life was good.

We had an amazing dinner at Redwood. Just a feast. Our waiter is very good at making the Gold Card 'work' so that we can get what we like. I don't think the hotel really minds, they aren't counting appetizers or anything.

I find the entire bone in rib-eye too filling, so we opted to split that, and added crab for me, and lobster for the lady. Don't ask me how that was supposed to be less filling.

We ate, we drank more Mark West, and life was very good.
Spinach salad with special sauce. (Called 'dressing'.)

Instead of the creme brulee, I had them do a little bowl of fresh berries. Nice and light, much better for me. Whipped creme on top.

We decided to do some Slutty Spinner Times Slutty Pay at stupid Main Street Station - and that's when my day went soundly into the rhubarb.

If you like my FaceBook page,
I'll fill your day with laughs. Gauge.
No poems though, I'm terrible at them.
(Tell 'em Jimmy Poon sent you for some brontosaurus burgers. And some buns.)

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    1. Looking over the pictures of your meal at the Redwood makes me hope that you packed sufficient elasticized clothing or are getting regular gym time in.
      Great report as usual.


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