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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Get Your Tickets In... Last Call

Friday Nov 6, 2015 - Day 16

As you have heard me say before, "Never gamble on the #**(@**#$ last day". And I meant it then and I mean it now.

It only leads to heartache and empty pockets.

And with that, I joined the Quad Queen over at the Cal for our morning session of gambling.

I'm going to keep taking pictures till the thumbprints wear out.
It was another beautiful Vegas morning. Favorite Server Judy was on hand and the place was quiet, so we got to talk a bit about this and that. We were playing the multi-play machines right by the Keno lounge, so I thought I'd brighten up her day a bit, as I have in the past, by getting her a Keno ticket with her favorite numbers on it.

I always get the same ticket for myself. If she wins, I win. If she won, and I hadn't played, then I would be kicking myself. I do the same thing if someone wants me to play for them from home - I never play just for them, it's a joint thing. I don't want to be faced with the dilemma of having hit MegaBucks on Jackie Moosreiner's $10 bill and debating whether I should hand over the $29 million dollars to him, or tell a little white lie and keep it myself.

No, I don't want to be in that position. It would be awful to keep the money while figuring out just how to lie to Moosreiner.

Really awful. It might take me three or even four seconds.

So, I filled out one of those thin paper keno sheets. Five games, five numbers, dollar a game. I handed it over to the Keno Drone (actually, they are very nice people, for Keno Drones), and a $10 bill and said I wanted to play the same ticket twice.

I got back a single ticket. Crap.

The Keno Drone explained that both tickets were on one piece of paper. I said I'd wanted two pieces of paper, so I could give one to F.S.J. But it was all good, I knew it was my mistake for not being clear. I went over and showed the Keno ticket to F.S.J. and explained that we were in action on the next game. I'd keep the ticket but she'd get half the winnings. She was happy with this arrangement.

And actually, it was the game being drawn.

We had the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 (which is the same as the combination on my luggage). We looked up at the Keno board and...

... numbers 2,3,4, and 5 had been drawn with about 6 or 7 numbers to go. All we needed was number 1 and we'd each have $1000.

A 1.......... oh NO it was number 11, not number 1. SHIT.

Shit. We'd missed it by just one number.

I went back to my 10-play machine and the next game started up. I played a bit and then pulled the ticket out to check which number was our last of five games.

That's when my eyes almost popped out of my head.

Of all the...

Oh no.


Oh no.


Oh no...

I cashed out my machine and went to show F.S.J.
Spot the renovations...
"Um... I'm sorry, but we don't have a ticket on these keno games. I must have filled the sheet out wrong. Sorry."

I showed her the ticket.

Numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5. Check.
$5 a game.
One game. Times 2.

The entire $10 had been played on two $5 tickets, combined onto one piece of paper, so really, just a $10 keno ticket.

We were one number away from TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

That would have gone down as the biggest tip I'd ever given a cocktail waitress. Five grand each.

And it would have made pretty sensational blogging too. But no - just like so many times this trip, the big score was snatched away from me by one little number, or one little card.

There was only one thing to do - we played the winnings back on a bunch more keno games. In the end, we didn't win a thing. All I had out of it was one of those 'could have been' stories.

We did some parlay play (Strict Rules of Parlay) on the machines by the cashier, but I dropped $200. The Quad Queen won $200, so it was a wash for the team.

We had the usual omelette for breakfast at the coffee shop, where all day dining lasts only twelve hours, for some items. Huh?

I didn't have the breakfast buffet, but I did take a stroll over to check on the CTUG situation - today's vat was aging nicely, with a mighty skin forming on its surface. CTUG skin slurps down slippery-good!

It's a DELICACY!!!
After breakfast we hit Main Street for some Slutty Times Pay.

My notes are terse on this. And there are a few pictures. But the terseness of my notes is (are?) alarming.

Four Pointies (with kicker) for QQ!
Okay, here are the notes:

Mss. QQ won mss 
I was down 800

Yup. #*$@(#*&@( last day.

I was down $800 (instead of up $5K and covered in cocktail waitresses). We headed to the Downtown Grand.

Flushy leave you rolling on the floor?
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    1. Curious, did 4 out of 5 keno numbers still get you something?


      1. Yeah we won like $20 or something. Grrrr. We took that money and bought more tickets which netted $1.03 or something. Grrrr.

    2. What is your best ever keno score?

      1. 5 out of 5 for $1100. Only took 20 years or so. :)


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