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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Getting Checked Out by Marilyn Manroe

Friday October 30, 2015 - part 2

Getting Checked Out by Marilyn Manroe
We poked around the Eight Nips a bit more, trying this and that, like the Jacks, and back at the bar some, but couldn't really get anything going.
As far as I got on the Strict Rules of Parlay

We headed down to the El Cortez, where I parked the Quad Queen at the Parlour Bar for an hour and a half while I played their excellent double deck Blackjack game.

I bought in for a hundred and won a few hands right off pushing my bets up from $5 to $10, and then to $15. And then the cooler guy sad down to my left. You know that guy. You can tell to look at him that he's The Cooler Guy.

Cooler Guy bought in for $40 and I immediately pulled my bet down to $5. Of course, he made all kinds of strategy mistakes. And of course he ran his stack up to about $125. I stayed in the game and won a few hands here and there, but bided my time until he left.

Things went really well for a while, and my stack was slowly growing. I was pushing to double my buy-in, nothing greedy.

And then Drunk Guy sat down to my left. He had a six day stubble and his head tottered halfway between level, and chin on chest.

I pulled my $20 bet down to  $5 immediately. Drunk Guy always held his chips in his hands. His eyes half open, and the pupils were defocused and seemed to by trying to go into REM motions.

Well, of course, he did things like stand on 14 against a dealer 9, and promptly ran his chips up to maybe $200. I was actually hoping he'd color but of course he didn't and lost it all back. He left, and I got back to winning.

"Wow." said someone downtable.

"That guy, he's probably been drinking since last night," said the guy at third base.

"I think he's been drinking since, like, Tuesday," I said.

A few minutes later, another guy joined the table, making it full. We played a few hands and I was getting near my $200 target. For the first time, there was some table comradery going on, and it was starting to get fun.

And that's when Drunk Guy came back.

"I said I was coming back."

Oh boy. Here we go.

"Where's my spot, I said I was coming back."

Different people, and the dealer were saying things like, "We didn't hear that," and "Sorry, the tables full now".

The guy in his spot goes, "Jeez, sorry, did I take your spot?"

And I'm like,"NO! No.... he had no chips left, you're fine, just stay right there."

Then Drunk Guy gets right behind me and starts talking trash to the dealer.

"Bitch. I said I was coming back."

She says sorry, he can play at another table.

"Bitch." And then "C*** Players!" And thank goodness, he left.

I won a hand and hit $205. Made my target. I decided to play one more hand with the gravy and left $5 in the circle. And of course, I got a 9 against a 5 or something, so I doubled it.

Of course I lost the hand, so now I'm at $195, short of my goal.

You've seen this movie before right? If I'd gone after $200, I would have lost back about $100. Just for a round number. Nope, I've learned my lesson on this, and I colored up and ran, up $95.

Then it was time for Blonde's meetup at Hennessy's.
The LasVegas4Ever forum is one of the friendliest ones around. C'mon and say hello, if you haven't already.

We had a nice visit, renewing some old acquaintances and making some new acquaintances.

Hey, it's that Vital Vegas guy!
We headed back to the Four Queens to have dinner at Chicago Brewing Company with my VP buddy Jeff. We bump into each other usually around this time of year, and keep in touch, sharing secrets on how to lose our asses playing video poker.

We had a great catch-up and a couple of yummy disks were served and eaten.

Back at the Nugget, we tried out triple-play again.
And that's when I totally killed it.

Got a nice quad on Bonus.
Quad Queen got one.
Switch to ESSDDB.
Royal Flush Number Three for da Flusher!!!!!
But wait! He's not done!!!

Aces kicker for $500 more.

Just an unreal run. A royal flush and Aces kicker all within 10 minutes on the same machine.

Take THAT Golden Nugget!

RF: Day: +$900 Trip: +$5850
QQ: Day: -$340 Trip: -$2210
Combined: +$3640

This trip is turning into a beauty!


    1. Hey Flusher, I think you meant to say drunk guy hit on 14 with dealer showing a 6 - not stand, which would be correct.

      1. Yup, good catch as always, Anonymous. Updated to stand on 14 against a 9. I don't know why I'm so hard on the guy, everybody stands on 14 nowadays, don't they?... :)

    2. Man, these trip reports are so much easier to read (and I'm sure, to write). Definitely more fun to read (and again, to write).

    3. Congrats on ANOTHER royal and those aces kicker. Are you sure you're only +900 on the day -- that number seems a little low.

    4. A royal AND aces with a kicker. You are living my dream.


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