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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Half-life of Country Throw-up Gravy

Sunday November 1, 2015 - Day 11

Breakfast is an important meal, so the Quad Queen had hers in bed. It consisted of Jameson's and Lays Lightly and Delicately Salted Potato Crisps.

I opted for the buffet.

On the way to the buffet though, I stopped and played a $5 bill and got a quick full house on dollars. Cashed out $50. Paid for breakfast and then some!

A number of you out there have expressed concern about the amount of throw-up gravy in my body. I'd like to re-assure you that CTUG has a half-life of approximately two months, as long as you hit the weights, and do a few miles each day in cardio. By 2019 I could be completely clear of all traces of the heart-stopping widow-maker goo. I also had a very healthy breakfast as depicted below.

Small amuse bouche before the fruit course.
We'd had a pretty amazing run at the Nugget. We were checking out today, so we decided to play some in the morning, and put it all on the Quad Queen's card, so as to keep our daily coin-in averages higher.

In the hallway on those 9/5 Jacks machines, I lost $100 but the Quad Queen hit something and made some. 

Then, because it was the first of the month, we had new freeplay at the Four Queens - $80 each. We played on Jacks, $20 at a time, Strict Rules of Parlay. As you know, my goal is to a) take as much of their dough as possible and b) get a dollar royal there in so doing.

Well, I was able to turn my $80 freeplay into $140 in cold hard cash. Mrs. F., unfortunately, bust.

I had a bash at SILVER! STRIKE!!! and broke even at that, while she did some penny hundred play. She seems to enjoy that game, whereas I find it tedious.

Next stop, Starship Binions, where we had some success - and then blew it all back. We each got enough points for two free spins on the Swipe 'n Grope spin promo and both won prizes - no more hats this time, instead, insulated lunch bags. I got $10 promo chips and played them on red on roulette. I won and they gave me $10. I thought it should have been $20 so I made a fuss and called them C*** Players just the way I learned from ol' Drunk Guy in the El Cortez. This really helped my case a lot. They were lucky I let them off the hook.

Back at the Nugget, we said hello to Blonde4ever and Kodidog and bye bye to Blonde4ever, who was heading back to Blonde-land.

I grabbed a Starbucks Coffee at Starbucks Coffee and we played some triple play. We weren't hitting too much, and the Quad Queen had a hankerin' for some hundyplay, and didn't she hit three or four micro-Royals.

Micro Royals - the dry hump of the video poker world.
We went and saw a host about late checkout - we had already asked for 1:00pm and got it, but wouldn't mind enough time to eat lunch before heading out.

Would five o'clock be okay? Yes it certainly would.

This gave me time to unwind some and get some blogging done, and I did, pushing out some of the Royalween stuff.

Chicky Pot Pah
Fake ribs - good mop though.
We had lunch at the Claim Jumper and had a rather unfortunate incident with a Keno person who we've run into before. This person angles for tips and really worked me over when we once won $1100. Well, she did it again, coming over to the table and insinuating that there was a big win, she mentioned the amount and indicated the ticket, and between her bafflegab and not so perfect diction, we understood that the machine indicated we'd won. She hugged the Quad Queen and posed for a picture and the whole nine yards. We figured that maybe they pick the numbers ahead once someone buys a ticket, at least, that's how we made sense of the bullshit. To make a long story short, we were quite convinced at first. After a few games, we thought that that just couldn't be right, and that there was something fishy. 

Then we were saying, well, we'll believe it when we see it... and then we realized that it just didn't add up. But for a while, we thought we'd won $1100. She even talked about having to get her boss involved for payment blah blah blah blah.

In the end, what had happened was that she'd come over pretending that she had some kind of prescient knowledge that one of the tickets would win, and pouring on the charm.

All just in case there was a win.

It was tip hustling in advance, plain and simple.

I ran into this individual just outside the lobby after lunch and I let her have it. Boy did I ream her out. I wasn't abusive but I told her in no uncertain terms that what she did was cruel, and I knew why she was doing it.

And honestly, I was on the way to go and have a talk to her boss and them them know that this wasn't cool. I told her that, but in the end, having it out face to face let me dispel my anger. I was happy that I hadn't blown my top, but had let her know that this was not cool at all.

I really didn't plan to blog about this because it was just so stupid and shitty, but a few days have passed, so I thought I'd warn y'all.

So if you run into this person at the Keno desk at the Nugget, you've been warned. Don't believe a word she says, and don't get hustled for tips!

Also, don't play keno.
The Nugget picked up our third room night, and all the other charges on the room, food and whatnot. They seem to like our play well enough. At $60K coin in I should hope so.

And then it was time to get the Chrysler 300 Grampa de Ville from valet and head down the strip to T.I., where we'd booked three nights.

Ahhh the glittering strip - it would be wonderful!

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    1. I stopped collecting the Binions Starship free gits when all I was getting were decks of cards. Good to know they are now giving out insulated lunch bags. just as useless, but takes up more space in your luggage, thereby making it feel like a real gift.


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