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Saturday, November 21, 2015

No Stiff I

Friday Nov 6, 2015 - Day 16 - part 2

I really, really, really didn't want my last day to be a big loser. And if the Quad Queen got blown out too, we could easily eradicate our combined profit on the trip and wind up below water. We'd had far too much good luck to end up that way.

It would be a crime against luck.

Back at the Downtown Grand, we had our Canadian at Par promo to do. We had a fun discussion about Canadian bills with the cashier, and I told her about 'Spocking' the five dollar bill. You have to see it though, so I pulled up some examples on my phone. We had a good laugh, bonding in the way only a cashier and their customer at the wicket can bond.

It went pretty well for me, and I mixed it up, playing different games, doing some parlays, not cashing out till I was at least even on each little $40 or $60 buy-in.

Well, I hit paydirt on my old sturdy friend, Boner Deluxe.

And in fact, it went excellently for me. I ramped that sucker up to dollars and nailed another, a beautiful dealt dollar Boner Deluxe quad!
On $500 CAD ($360 US) plus $100 US of my own dough, I pulled in $520 on a sweet comeback.
The Quadus Emeritus Queenus McDuff didn't do quite as well, probably because she'd been given a really stupid nickname for that session.
We kind of bounced around the Grand playing a little of this and a little of that, $20 at a time, drilling test holes and doing parlays.

On about the third try, I hit again on good ole short pay. There was no way Boner Deluxe was going to stiff me today.
Man, I was hot. Pulled back my entire day's $800 loss in about an hour and half. Maybe gambling on the *#@(*#@ last day wasn't such a bad idea after all!

Time for lunch! We grabbed a table at the almost empty S&O. I thought I'd put a meal on the room and see if it got comped, to test the comp waters a bit.

Our waitress was right there.

"Hello, I'm Horta, and I'll be your server," she said.

"When?" I asked.

"Excuse me?..."

"When will you be our server?"

I know how to bond with all kinds of people.

"I'll be your server... now, I guess."

"Okay, that sounds good. I'm Royal Flusher... and I'll be your customer."

She smiled.

"When will you be my customer?"

Now that we'd established that common ground, Mrs. F and I were in for a great lunch, most assuredly.

S&O has gone through a number of phases, just like the Grand itself. I think it was originally purported to be elevated comfort food at premium prices. Then it was kind of dinerish, and now it seemed to me, that it was back to elevated comfort food, but the prices seemed as though they were lower instead of 'on the edge of gouge' aka Strip prices. Actually, these days, Strip prices are beyond the edge of gouge.

Let's have a look - their food is freshly made, from scratch, and that potentially counts for a lot.

Basic breakfast, around $9. Maybe a bit high.
Chicken and Waffles, $11
Breakfast Tacos $7.75
Club Sandwich $11
BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad $9
Sides are $2 or $3, pretty good pricing, and that's where Mrs. F. found a bargain.

I ordered the Ultimate Grilled Cheese for $9, and the Quad Queen ordered a side of Mac and Cheese.

Well, for only $3 it was a steal:
The ultimate 'drunk and lost my bankroll' comfort food?
A decent portion and it was very tasty - actually, it tasted just like Mac 'n Cheese. Everything it should be, and nothing it shouldn't.

My grilled cheese came with a Florentine tomato soup and by Flushiepants, I think it really was made from scratch. It was full of deep tomato flavor, nicely seasoned with basil and other secret soupy seasons, and was delish.
The grilled cheese had tomato inside and was fantastic. Freshly made fries rounded everything out, and we were quite happy with the experience.

It turned out I had a food comp on my DTG card, so that covered lunch. Powered up and caloried up, we were ready to hit the Four Queens, pick up our cashback, and do some more damage!

It was time to bring this trip home.

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    1. I hope those last two sentences are foreshadowing a long-elusive dollar royal at 4Q!


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