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Monday, November 2, 2015

Official Grommet Inspector Flusher

When we last left off, we had this:

It wouldn't be fair to have any bigger a build-up - here's the result.
A very sad thud.

It was quite deflating not to hit this one but as we went through the day, we came around to looking at it philosophically - we'd had an extra-ordinary experience to share, after all, and we both pretty much felt like jumping in front of a truck and being fed to the pigs on that farm where the farmer feeds the pigs all the scraps and leftovers from overzealous gluttons who take too much food including six desserts and don't eat half of it because they are gluttonous pigs like the gluttonous pigs that were probably going to eat our loser asses.

By this point in the day I was down a couple of hundred, and at least, Mrs. F. had had her $1000 Royal, so she was up. I went to the room to blog like crazy, take a break, and eat something healthy.
I added some nuts, some chips, and a few healthy pulls on my bottle of Absolut.

And thought about what might have been.

I went back down and we played dollar spinners in the High Limit room, starting out on just one line. And I won some money back!

Then we headed to the Four Queens. I took some costume pics on the way there and back - there are so many great costumes on the street!
The Mikes at the Mikes Bar. Which one is in costume again?
We played at the bar and I chewed through $120 with no quads at all. Back to the Nugget to get our own costumes on...
We had a dinner date at the Four Queens with our friends Jeff and Janis, who were in town to beat the heck out of the dollar Jacks at the Four Queens.

We had a really nice evening, sharing video poker tales, lots of laughs, and some great food, including two-at-a-time custom salads from the Hugo's salad truck!

Thank you Jeff and Janis for hosting us. We really enjoyed our meal and your company.
Escargot - the butter piscine is thankfully dry.

A photograph of delicious grilled meat.
Then it was back to the Nugget. I also made a foray up and down Fremont to take some pictures. And we played more multi-play.

The Quad Queen got a set of Ducks:
A woman wore cling film for a dress:
And then I said to the Quad Queen, "Oh darnit. I got another stupid Royal Flush. I can't seem to stop."

We finished up and I cashed my ticket. We needed to head out through the throngs to ABC for some supplies. Man, it was packed.

In the line-up for the cash, which stretched almost to the back of the store, we spent quite a bit of time chatting with a very interesting woman who was a prisoner of high-tech slot machine design. She was very friendly and wobbled slightly from side to side, but never fell down, so big kudos there.

I gave her a coveted Royal Flusher business card, but who knows if she'll find it and drop by. I hope so, I need all the fans I can get.

The card is inside your phone case... and the tylenol is in the medicine chest, upper right.
RF: Day: +$760 Trip: +$6610 (holy shit!)
QQ: Day: +$610 Trip: -$1600
Combined: +$5010

We both won today, and we both had Royals today. Lots to be thankful for, and the Slutty Times 5x Royal Fail Bastards can suck it.


    1. Where can I buy a Royal Canadian Veeble Fetzer T-shirt?


    2. RF,

      Your gift of describing Las Vegas in quirky detail makes me feel like I am almost there.
      It's like I can taste the booze and smell the smoke...
      Good luck on your Royals- keep it going.

    3. C'mon Flusher .....two days with no posts?! I'm having withdrawals

    4. Flusher, I just love reading your blogs (even sometimes going back & re-reading just for the sheer enjoyment). I've got my own visit planned for 12/5-12/12 & can hardly wait. And just to prove I pay attention - allow me to correct an error. On the 11/2/15 entry "Slutty Times Pay Spinner Drama Time" when Mrs. F/QQ got her 1st Royal of the trip you wrote: "That was three royals between us... so far." But it was actually the 4th. You'd already had your 1st on 10/23 (Day 1); 2nd on 10/31 (the progressive); and 3rd on 11/1 (first one on 5 play). So with your second one of the day - you're at 5 "so far".

      p.s. This is the most recent entry I've read, so you may have already caught your own mistake.

      1. Hi NY Neil, thank you for writing and pointing that out. With so much going on it is pretty hard to keep everything straight. It hadn't even sunk in that I had two quarter Royals. It was RAINING ROYALS!!! :) Thanks again for the correction, I've updated the post. Glad you enjoy the blog.



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