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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Purple Knobs

Friday October 30/2015 - Day 9

It was great to be back downtown, back at the Nugget, and back in the Royals win column again. Our room in the Rush 2112 Tower is on the north side, so there is a lot of Fremont noise at night. With my trusty foam earplugs, which I've owned since 1983, I had a sound six hours of sleep and no more! It's Vegas!

I love that feeling of waking up and realizing I'm in Vegas and I have a whole nother day ahead.

I grabbed a Starbucks but for some reason it wasn't very hot, and my flat white seemed to be short of a shot of espresso. I didn't whine about it all around the casino though, because I'm not that kind of person. Instead, I whined about it here. Just now.

We started out on those same multi-play machines which I've had my way with and then some, despite their Extremely Sickening Short Pay Double Double Bonus (ESSDDB) game.
Mrs. F. was first outta the gate with quad 4s.

I countered with quad 8s.
And she beat me hook, line and checkmate with a surprise dealt straight flush! She was finally on the board, and her day was off to an amazing start. This machine must like us.
I went up almost $200, then lost it back, pretty much. Then I tried $100 on what must be the most volatile game I've ever seen. Big Times Pay. You pay 10 coins a line for triple pay, but the pay table is based on 5 coins a line. So, pay 10 coins, get a paying pair, get paid 5.

You get a multiplier based on the highest card in your dealt hand, which ranges from 1x (loooo-ser) to 10x (holy shit). So I guess, if you are dealt AAAA2 on Double Double, you'd get 500, and the multiplier would be 10x, for the deuce (Aces don't seem to count). So three times 5000 = a shitload.

My $100 lasted approximately 8.241 seconds.

Mrs. F did about $5K in coin in and finished the session up $1.25. Now that's how to be an Advantage Playah!

We wandered over to the Eight Nips and had breakfast at Magnolia's, home of the country fried steak and eggs with Country Throw-up Gravy. It's the perfect fuel for sitting still 18 hours a day, poking buttons.

I imagine my arteries glisten in much the same way as this CTUG. Don't worry, I scraped some of it off.
Somebody is trying to 'up-healthy' their asses. 
Calling card... left. Check.
At the Mike's bar, Mike #1 was presiding. I asked for a Caesar and he said they don't have Clamato. So I asked for a Bloody Mary, make it spicy, and make it with Clamato. That didn't work either. I also asked for olives, maybe I shouldn't have, because as usual, Mike had my number - in this case, about 10.
We went at the machines, had a good time, and hit some quads.

No kicker, though.
 Las Vegas is full of wonders, like red and black quads, Silver Strikes, and huge glowing purple knobs. The idea that Vegas, though, attracts gamblers through subliminal sexual imagery, is a phallusy.
I think the SILVER! STRIKE!!! machines are getting more popular.
The Four Queens has added a few more of them, and they are getting a lot of play. They are getting emptied of strikes and they have to load 'em up again. Casinos should love this game because half the time when people win $10, instead of getting cash or credit, they get a little metal coin that is destined to remain in the top drawer of their dresser for the next 14 years, unlooked at, and useless. Some of them get sold on eBay though, particularly the blue and red capsule ones, apparently. But there are lots of folks around who know a whole lot more about this than I do.
Loading up with SILVER! STRIKES!!!
I decided to try running a decent amount through a machine and see what happened, because I've had a theory that they are pretty loose.

I played $120 through and got 12 SILVER! STRIKES!!! in all, including my very first red cap, a 2015 Happy Hallowe'en strike with a pitcher of a sexy gurl onnit.

I think the center of this thing is .999 fine silver, so it will get an extra-special spot in my top dresser drawer, next to my 1973 cufflinks (unused) and six sets of keys that we don't know what they are for.

I cashed in the rest of the boring SILVER! STRIKES!!! because I don't want our plane to be overweight. They were all Summer, Fall, Winter, and one other, I can't remember. So fuckit, like undersized carp, back they go.

...TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!

(There might even be foreshadowing.)

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