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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sir Flushiepants

Knees up!
Thursday November 5, 2015 - Day 15

The original plan was to do our $20K coin-in a day at Cal/Fremont/Main Street and also do $20K coin-in at the Downtown Grand a) as long as we weren't losing heavily and b) if it wasn't a burden on our time.

Well, without any decent multiplay at the DTG (6/5 DDB?? Really??!) we decided to tone it down. After all, I didn't come all the way from Flusherville just to spend my entire day pounding the buttons on some stupid gambling machine.

Oh. Actually, yeah, I did.

DTG future offers and host perks are an unknown so we decided to scale it back and shoot for around $10K a day, split between us.

Since we were in training for our eventual early morning departure, we got up with the sun again.

The first stint was again, at the Cal, with Favorite Server Judy slingin' that run-off greasewater coffee at me just as fast as I could suck it down. Which was about a half cup every two hours. C'mon Cal, get some better coffee in there! Ex-Juan Valdez Panama Anal Roast El Medi Ochre ain't gonna cut it in this gambler's piehole! Or coffee hole, I guess.

The Ex-Juan Valdez coffee says it contains 'select' beans. I guess this is because they 'selected' the shittiest, cheapest beans possible.

Okay, the Cal coffee is not the worst. I will admit it. But it has room for improvement, and what would Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way be without the occasional ice swan or coffee rant?? Just another hilarious blog, that's what.

We did a stint on 10-play quarter Bonus Poker. I did about $6K coin in and broke even. That's always nice, because you can do a lot of damage to your bankroll playing $12.50 a spin. I have to admit, my killer instinct was waning, and my 'make sure you don't blow back your trip win' instinct was waxing.

I left a calling card for some lucky cleaner and we headed for breakfast at Omelette Land.

Healthy breakfast if you skip the yolks and 'taters.
Your intrepid field reporter Flushypants always has his eyes open for items of interest to readers, or curiousities to satisfy the gawkers and lookie-loos that stop by this here blog. For example:

Stay out of the fountain or we will video tape your ass.
Want to know the exact payback percentage of a slot machine? Look around carefully and it might just tell you. From the numbers below you can figure out the payback percentage of the machine (86.63%), and how likely you are to hit a jackpot. It also tells you how much the Cal has made on this puppy - $690,968. At least I think that's what these mean.

This machine looks like a dog to me, actually, you should avoid playing it. (Because of not enough coffee, my memory fails me on which machine it actually is.)

After breakfast, I did some more 10-play to finish the Cal coin-in while the Quad Queen headed to Main Street. I put in about $300 to get the machine going and ended up about even.

Main Street was more of the same. VP, drinks, scratchcards, quads, drinks. At this point in the trip were were keeping it pretty simple.

I played a lot of Double Double multi-play and at one point ran the machine up to $400. And I ended up dumping it all back again. And then some more.

My points ran out and I changed machines, sitting down beside a fellow who occupied the right-hand end seat.

I stuffed some money in the machine and he spoke to me (the fellow, not the machine).

"I enjoy your writing."

I tried to play coy but it was pretty obvious I'd be 'made'.

"Writing? Now what writing would that be?"

He just smiled and kept playing. I decided 'the heck with it', yeah, just like that, darn it. The heck with it!!! Heck, heck, heck!

I opened my wallet and fished out a coveted Royal Flusher Business Card and presented it to Brian from Belleville. We had a nice conversation about this and that. After a while his wife wandered over and we all chatted a bit. Very nice people, I'm glad Brian introduced himself.

He said he'd actually figured out who we were on other trips, but didn't want to bother us. Very decent chap, Brian from Belleville, very decent.

The Quad Queen did $5K of coin in at MSS on just $10 - but she'd lost earlier at the Cal. And one way or another we were both down a touch less than $300.

I think this was the start of the trouble I was going to have, even though I thought things were going pretty well at the time.

We headed back to the Downtown Grand. The Quad Queen played and I took some downtime in the room, and did some blogging, online banking, answering fan mail, and turning down various foreign dignitaries for audiences with Sir Flushiepants.

She had a few hits, and when I joined her I had one too.

The plan was for me to have lunch at Le Thai and for QQ to cash another IRS cheque at the El Cortez, to get the 5% freeplay bonus.

We headed out on our next mission. Who knows what would happen next!

Could it be....


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