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Monday, November 2, 2015

Slutty Times Pay Spinner Drama-time

Shout out to Funkhouser who cobbled up this cool trip graphic. Thanks!

Saturday October 31, 2015 - Day who knows.

Hallowe'en in Vegas, always a blast, particularly on Fremont Street where the costumed come out to play.

Grabbed another Starbucks to start the morning and hit, where else, the multi-play cash fountains from the night before.
The Quad Queen claimed the 'lucky' machine and by Godfrey, it was lucky.

She was on the board with her first Royal of the trip!!!!

Wahoo, and what a relief for her (and me). That was four Royals between us... so far. This was more like it!

After some more play we cashed the ticked and played some quarter single line Boner Pokus.

We got a few hands and the Quad Queen went to play Slutty Times Pay, while I stayed behind. After a while I got a text from her saying "Yoo hoo".

I looked over and she was turned around and beckoning. This kind of scenario is usually really good news. I cashed out, grabbed my slot card, and headed over.

What was it?!

As I walked towards her, I gave the thumbs up and a question mark face, one of the many punctuational faces that I make so well. I also have mastered the exclamatory and the expletive deleted faces.

Her reply was an 'I don't know' hunched shoulder face.

I got over there and what I saw was pretty incredible. Here's how it came down. She hits deal. She's playing on slow speed. The cards come up blink blink blink blink, four cards to a Royal Flush.

Then the next card is a Slutty Times Pay multiplier spinner. It spins and spins and she knows if she gets a dealt Royal, its going to be multiplied by whatever the spinner is, times three hands. So if it comes up 2x and is a dealt Royal, she's looking at 6 Royals Flush.

The spinner comes up 5x. She's thinking 'ROYAL ROYAL DEAL ME THE DAMN FIFTH CARD FOR THE ROYAL'.

But it doesn't come up.

And this is what I see on the screen:

If that last card had been the King of Spades, she'd be looking at a $15,000 payout. But no.

These sorts of events don't happen very often. She had three chances now to draw for a $5000 Royal.

We fussed and checked and thought and fussed and hoped. We decided to press the button together.


    1. Oh the suspense.....

    2. Left us hanging!!!

    3. This is a Jimmy Poon Production. I would expect nothing less.


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