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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Mo of Trufe - Savvy Move Number Three

Wednesday November 4, 2015 - Day 14

I had quite a few errands on my plate, and little time to accomplish them. Fortunately, the Quad Queen had a hand firmly on the degen tiller, handling the gambling until I got back.

On the way to T.I. I gassed up the Grampa de Ville. Savvy move number one. I always try to gas up while still having some driving to do so that the needle says Full but I've actually used some of the gas.

I'm surprised that no one on the planet ever has thought of this until now.

If I had been really super savvy, I would have filled up on the way to T.I. the first time, I'm sure the needle wouldn't have budged for 3 more trips along the strip.

If I had been really, really, really super fucking savvy, I would have filled up halfway to Vegas from Lake Havasu City and drafted a Budweiser truck, 4 feet of its bumper.
Only in Vegas. Disclaimer: I do not endorse or condone slutism.
I decided to self park at T.I. - the valet had taken eons the last time we picked up. I didn't have vacation time to waste and I needed to get the car back on time.

Savvy move number two - wouldn't you know it, I snagged El Primo Spotto, just yards from the walkway leading to T.I. Score one for Admiral Flushypants!

I hauled ass to the keno lounge to pick up my mega-winnings... of $14. One of these times I am due for a big score. Then I'll quit for good!


I made my way to the slot club desk, where I presented one of my patented business cards and asked to see the host on duty, giving an arrogant side to side waggle of the head, like I meant bizness.

The mo' of trufe.

I hit it off nicely with the host. She looked up my play after I told her we had endured the kicking of the ass. In about one more minute, I had everything on the room comped off (about $550), her card, and instructions to book directly with her with or without an offer.

And that was savvy move number three.

Next, up to the room, but not before jamming $20 into a machine and losing it. Because I have such self control, and we agreed we would not play the losing machines at T.I., I only played one more additional $20.

And then straight up to the room.

I was in really good time - I judged that I had enough leeway to grab a much needed shower, shave, and change of clothes. In savvy move number four, I hopped into the shower and got a dirty job done. You know what Flusher says - change your shirt, change your luck.

Next, I packed everything up, carefully emptying the safe, doing a complete room check, tidying up a bit, leaving a twenny for the maid, preparing a piece of paper and an envelope and stashing it in my shirt pocket, and checking 3893 times that I did, indeed, have the Bonebook power supply. And that was it. I bade farewell to the room ("bye room!") and hauled ass (and luggage) down to the casino and made a beeline for the cage, where I changed a $100 bill into two crisp fifties.

One of them went into the pre-prepared (or is that just prepared?) envelope.

And, in savvy move number five, I stopped off at my new host's office and gave her a little parting gift. I usually do $100 but I don't want to overcommit. If the next visit goes as well as this one, comp wise, without (hopefully) the big loss, she'll get the full Royal treatment.

And with that, it was off to the Grampa de Ville, saying Good Luck to the DICE director on the way out.

Aside from the kicking of the ass, I was pretty happy overall with our T.I. stay, particularly the fact that they picked up all the charges.

From the car, I texted the Quad Queen to be on the corner of Main and Ogden in exactly ten minutes. Everything lined up for me on the trip back downtown, fast ride on the freeway, all green lights, and I made it from the T.I. parking structure to the Cal in just eight minutes.

The only problem was that it was already quarter past twelve and I was late for dropping the car off - but I wasn't too worried after the fuckaround they gave me.

The Quad Queen was waiting and I unloaded my suitcase for her to wheel up to the room. The corner doors are really close to the west tower elevators. Easy peasy.

Things at the Four Queens went smoothly - I parked, went to the Avis booth, and the attendant was on lunch. Just as well, I didn't really want to see her ever again. Five more minutes, and I was settling down for some 10-play Bonus Poker at the Cal.
Note the new ceiling. It's turned out to be a big draw!
I really had to play 10-play because it was such a busy day. Not only did we have to do $10K coin in a day each at Cal/MSS/Fremont, I'd double booked us at the Downtown Grand to do their Canadian money at par promotion.


That's the Royal Flusher Way, right there!

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      Great trip reports! Thanks you for taking the time to do them.


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