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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Washed up on the Shores of T.I.

Sunday November 1, 2015 - Day 11 - part 2

We rolled the Grampa de Ville down the strip to T.I. I underestimated the braking distance, stupidly applying the brakes only at the Stratosphere. With the huge automobile's momentum (considerable with a curb weight of just under 87 tons), we overshot the T.I. entrance by approximately half a mile.

Fortunately, there were some tugs left over from the pirate show that have been doing double duty as Lyft vehicles to nudge and shove us into the T.I. valet dock.

At check-in, I was happy to find that there was virtually no line up and a pleasant fellow named 'Hello My Name Is' assisted me. But first, I assisted him by the way of a discretely placed $20 bill. This rapidly disappeared, and we rapidly found ourselves appearing in a 35th floor strip view room, with complementary champagne. Well worth the $20 in my view. And yours.

Great strip view from our room at T.I.
We dumped our gear and got ready to do battle in the casino.

T.I. has some 50 cent (and up) machines with great paytables, at least by strip standards. We started to work, ordered some drinks, and quickly found ourselves putting more money in without much of a result.

Well, that was okay, these were full pay machines, right?

I got an annoying Royal Straight (I would see many of these in the coming days) and was first on the board with a quad.

We played on and it was kind of weird. We weren't really hitting much of anything. We kept moving machines, and trying different games.
This kept up and after two hours, the Quad Queen was quadless, and I'd had what you see up there.

We'd both hit an incredibly bad stretch at the same time and the damage was severe. We'd dropped $800 or $900 dollars.

I was rocked (but not as rocked as I would be).

We had to regroup and took a break and a healthy dose of that juice that celebrates and commiserates. You know the stuff.

We found some Double Super Slutty Times Pay and gave that a go - it was sort of fun, I guess.

Here's the sad thing - you know how there are usually a number of quad pictures in these situations? Well, this is all she wrote:

It was grim. The Quad Queen had nothing - none - no  - zero quads at T.I. What a time to hit a bad patch, just as we were playing higher denom 50 cent machines, and then short pay Slutty Times machines.

We went to the room early and called it pretty much a day.

 Maybe there was solace to be had in some in room dining... I worked away at getting some Royalween blog stuff out while the QQ perused the menu, and watched our Keno number not get picked.
I finally opted for a couple of slices of take-out pizza - which turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable for what they were. I'd eat 'em again.

You know those 'severe tire damage' things that if you so much as roll backwards gently against them, they puncture and then shred your Michelins?

It was as if I'd taken a run backwards at a row of these and then alternated direction over them a few dozen times, jamming the transmission from Reverse to Drive and back again, over and over.

The trip had been going so well, too. Damn.

RF: Day: -$800 Trip: +$5810
QQ: Day: -$900 Trip: -$2500
Combined: +$3310

At least we had our view. I couldn't be bothered to call for the champagne.


    1. Ouch, going to the room and watching Keno, savvy!

    2. Yep, this is pretty much how every move to the Strip goes for me. Sigh.


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