Thursday, February 25, 2016

Grab Breakfast by its Greasy Neck

Friday January 22, 2015

I'd had this great plan... the plane would get in on time, I'd grab my limo (carry-on only, so no waiting at the airport), I'd be at T.I in no time, check in, gamble a tiny bit, then grab pizza at their slice place. It's actually not bad pizza for a slice place, and the price is reasonable.

So the ride to T.I. took an hour more than it should have, I did the mini-gamble and had a drink or two at the bar, then went to the pizza place - just in time for them to have closed it at 11:00pm. Fine. I thought I'll just grab something at the deli by the sports book.


Fine, I'll just grab a sandwich at CVS. Open. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. All egg salady and tuna-y and had how many transfers from truck to truck. Nope. Can't do it. Couldn't do it. Won't do it.

Next stop... the coffee shop as mentioned previously. I ordered an omelette with hash browns and by Godfrey it hit the spot. Absolutely yummy. Put it on the room.

By the time I hit the hay it was 4:00am my time and I was whupped. Not whipped, not whappered, but whupped.

I had to stay on Eastern time for Veeblefetzer reasons, so I slept for maybe 5 hours and got up when I wasn't sleeping anymore.

Sunrise over here too!
I had 16 days ahead of me, I had a whole long weekend next up (I booked the day off as a holiday, as I would for the next two Fridays) and I was happy.

Remember this moment when I gets to my bitchin' and whinin'.

Just as planned, the sun was streaming in my window. I'd had the forethought at CVS to at least buy half a dozen Starbucks Double Shots. The better to have caffeine with first thing in the bless-ed Ay Em.

So I took my sun therapy, gazing out at Vegas, sipping my liquid nitro.

I planned to sit out by the pool later, if it was open. (And... it wasn't. Closed for the season. Winter fuckers.)

After my almost 4 minutes of critical life-saving light therapy, I tore down to the casino.

I had $250 freeplay burning a whole in my email Inbox and I aimed to make good use of it.

I would have a number of plays this trip where I'd try to convert freeplay into actual dollars that I could then lose in the machines any way I chose. I kept careful track, and you'll hear all about that.

I found the machine I wanted, put $100 in, and activated the $250 freeplay.

I got on the quad board, finally - first quad of the trip! Always a great feeling when you break the ice. It's also always a great feeling when you get the first quad of a trip. Thusly:

When the $250 was used up, I cashed out $351.75. So, with the hundy I put in, that meant I turned $250 freeplay into $251.75 cold hard call attendant paper jam non-existant cash!


No worries, an attendant fished out the Tito and even walked me to the cage to make sure I got paid - it wasn't in very good shape after getting accordionized on the way out of the machine.

I grabbed breakfast by its greasy neck and forked it into my face like a pirate that hadn't had anything to eat but weevily biscuits and hard tack for the last, oh, 7 hours.

Coffee shop again. Omelette. Western. Why fuck with eggs when they were sooo good?

Back to the machines...

It looks like I had a pretty nice run, got a few quads, a straight flush, and another almost Royal, but fact was I had to feet that Slutty Times Pay Bitch quite a bid of casheroo.

When this session was done, the $251.75 was gone, all except for $5. Yup, I was up $5 on the day for all that work.

Who am I kidding... work? It was a blast!

There was plenty more blasting to come, too, as the day was young.

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  1. Love your reports Flusher and you are spot on about eggs :)

  2. don't just hate it when you're just a jack off!

  3. Way funny. Great ride for the day.


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