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Sunday, March 13, 2016

More to come...

Took Sunday evening off of blogging, but I'll be back at it tomorrow night! And, rather than leave you with some cliffhanger Sunday post, I'll leave you with a nice little picture instead.

Whoopsies, that isn't the one.

10 play quarters. Dealt four-to-a-Royal. How many ways would you cross your fingers, toes, legs, eyes and nads?
Stay tuned for more savvy tales...

Royal Flusher January 2016 Thumbnail Sketch Trip Report

If you are really hard up for some more Flusher reading material, why not peruse an older trip report? There are plenty to be had.

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The best Ve-gas on the HTTP?
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    1. Replies
      1. As my great Uncle McFlusher used to say:
        "Six days we rip and tear,
        And on the seventh... we repair."

    2. This is a DT if I ever saw one. I hope at least one of those pretty holds turns into the motherload.


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