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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Swingboot Asskicking

I had some bad days on this trip and this one was one of the badderest. All the thumbnail pictures from the day fit on one screen.

Sometimes, when its going bad, the less you play, the less you can play. You lose, and lose quickly, and never have a chance to hit the good stuff.

They call this gambler's ruin - when your bankroll goes down the drain and puts you out of the game.
The Tropicana renovated bungalow rooms retain their mid-century charm.
One thing is for certain. If you don't play, you can't win. And if you can't win, you don't play. Further, if you can't play, you won't win. And if you won't win, you won't play or win, and you dasn't has to call me Johnson.

Like a good little Veeblefetzer, I ate punishment breakfast, grabbed Starbucks coffee, and worked in my room all day, except for a 7 minute break where the sunshine poked through to the right of the east tower, as low as my neck if I stood on the corner of the balcony, and then promptly disappeared behind a wall.

So even my balcony was kind of fucked up. And the pool area was closed, so no hanging out there. How had I gotten this so wrong?

At least I had the Nugget to look forward to - their heated pool is a year-round affair.

I nipped out for lunch, scooting down the back alley and along Reno to Dickscalibur, where I procured a burrito the size of a horse's El Camino.

Baja fresh muy bueno. Translation - I have a burrito the size of a submarine.
This, in fact, would be the high point of my day.

Gratuitous shot of the bustling Dickscalibur casino hotel. 
I walked back under warm, bright sunshine, and reveled in the azure sky, unsullied by God or jetplane, perfect in its infinite blueness for a full 2 minutes and 9 seconds.
Pretty fuckin blue, eh?
Have you noticed there are spots on all my pictures at the same places? I have. Stupid cheap knock-off Jimmy Poon piPhone 3.14!!!!

I finished my Veeblework and it was time for some gambling. I tried to figure out where I had the best chances.

I settled on some dollars and did okay for a while.

Gratuitous shot of the bustling Tropicanal casino hotel.

See that $285? It probably cost me $200 to get it, and then it all went away within about 20 minutes. No more hits.

I took $100 and played some craps. Dropped to my last few chips, put them all on the line. Seven. Winner. Next roll, $5 on the pass, and everything else in odds. Point 4. I'm screwed right? Shooter made the point.

I got on a mini comeback and worked up to about $250. Things turned cold so I took the profit and bailed. Headed for the high limit room.

There I played this and that and this and that and it all went for nought.

It was really awful. The end of it all was that I only played a couple of hours and my bankroll was gone. I'd waited all day for this and before I knew it, I was back in the room watching infomercials.

When I got tired of that, I ran the tap water until it was clear again. Free entertainment!

I had a bag of chips for dinner.

Can you believe these are the only highlights from a full day in Vegas? It was that bad. Just a can of rancid corned beef being dragged slowly behind a scooter. Yeah, that's it exactly.

I'd been in Vegas a week and I'd had only one winning day. I was trying to like the Trop but it was hard to when it was doling out a swingboot asskicking.

Do not click the Facebook like.
Tell your mouse to take a hike.
I know it's fun but don't you touch,
Though you may want to, very much.



    1. Time to start channeling Quad Queen....hoping this trip improved, and that you didn't drink any of that pee/rust water!

    2. A hinderful of Vegasy enjoyment.


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