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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greedy, greedy little pig!!!

It was sure nice to hit those Aces, and with the kicker too. I went up to room 2112 in the Rush Tower to get out of the limelight of the casino, and do an accounting.

What ho, ballsy! I was up $500 and a $25 Visa gift card!!!

Yesterday at the same point in the day I was down $500. My plan was to take a 7 second break, and then head over to the Plaza to say hello to Dr. Yolla and have another go at the full pay Boner Deluxe.

Walking out the door, I had a change of mind and played some Spinners at the Fremont. Well, I got killed on that and dumped $200.

At the Plaza, I found a good luck charm - a very special Player's Card with a very special lucky name on it.

When you find a Plaza Player's Card in the name of &a00216HJUSTIN A. DIESBOURsomething, by the jeez it's a lucky day!

Armed with the special luck of &a00216HJUSTIN, I saddled up onto the seat of a Boner Deluxe machine and commenced video pokering.

You think I'm kidding about &a00216HJUSTIN-luck?

Thank you &a00216HJUSTIN, wherever you are.

Fact is, I didn't make a whole lot at Boner. It took me some money to get going. Done, I cashed out, got my money, and made a quick stop at the Host's office to meet Dr. Yolla. She was in, and we had a nice chat. The Dr. is a lovely woman, quick of with, and generous of comp.

In fact, she mentioned that she was taking somebody to dinner at Oscar's, and I said, "Great, what time?"

Just kidding around.

Being a knob.

Well, Dr. Yolla says, "You should join us! I'd love to treat you to dinner!"

And she was sincere.

I just couldn't horn in on someone else's dinner like that, I would have felt like a fifth wheel, or a seventh wheel, and/or a greedy little pig or a ninth wheel or something. Some odd numbered wheel.

Instead, I said that I had plans and suggested that perhaps when the Quad Queen was in town, we could revisit the idea. Because two dinners. Greedy, greedy little pig!!!

That's how a savvy Flushiepants 'works' the system.

If you are a serious playah and love downtown, give Dr. Yolla at the Plaza a shout. I really feel like they are turning the place around and it is going to come into its own as a great downtown destination.

Ads like this one don't hurt, either.

I headed back to the Nugget and... lost some dough. And lost some more.

Then it was time for my flamboyant dinner plans, the ones that topped a comped meal at Oscar's Booze and Broads Steakhouse de Luxe.

Dinner for one. Felt like a first wheel.
Yes, the Starship Binions cheeseburger, fries and gravy. On left-over comp dollars again.

It was time for a reckoning.

I was pretty short of cash for the rest of the trip, and I had lost back most of my morning's winnings. Should I or shouldn't I. How much would I need? How much did I have?

The sky opened like a can of cheap dollar store tuna and salty slightly greasy tuna water drenched the Vegas alleyways like rain.

What choice did I have under circumstances like this but to take another marker? I was moving again the next day and I wouldn't have another chance at it.

Between Starship Binions and the Smug Nugget I was drenched in fishy tuna water rain which ran into my eyes and made it look like I was crying.

"I need to take a marker," I said to the wicket lady.

"Are you fucking crying?" she said, helpfully.

"No, it's dollar store tuna water, now give me a fucking marker!"
No sun for you, tuna boi.

At least, that's how it went in my head. In reality, wicket lady was polite and efficient, and the shame and guilt and dollar store tuna was all my own.

I had enough for about $500 a day for the rest of the trip. I'd have to make it count. Man, it is not good being short bankrolled.

Scared money loses.

I was closing in on Monday fast, which would be another work day. With $100 in winnings, I shut down the gambling and thought I would just stay in my room, surf the net, do this and that, maybe do some work ahead for the next day.

The wifi was down in my room, which was really annoying. I gave up after a half hour of fucking around and tethered onto the piPhone - my Roam plan had tons of download room. I'd never use it all unless I downloaded 19 episodes of the Simpsons or something.

The signal wasn't great where I was but I got by and made it to bedtime without spending any more dough, with a quick break to go and have a free dinner at Bagnolia's Veranda. I ordered their best steak, which was okay, but nothing to write in a blog about.
The view from Bagnolia's. Never tire of it. 
Eternal Fortune found!!!... and out of order. Damn.
Rib eye with mushrooms and pink stick.
So, I was $+100 on the day but the trip total was demoralizing -$3500. I'd need a dollar royal to recover from that. Or some ridiculous set of lucky gambling circumstances.

I went to bed and prayed to &a00216HJUSTIN.

Burgers are fine
And freeplay is chill
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For a much better thrill.


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    1. So nice that you got to meet Yolla...she seems lovely.
      Hope the luck improves.....


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