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Monday, March 28, 2016

Lost My Thrill on Blueberry Hill

I decided to have a very controlled day. I'd start by getting coffee, and digging right in to my work at the very comfy workstation in my Baking room at Mandolin Bay. I did just that and had punishment breakfast of bits and pieces of things I had around with me in the room, including the very last of the emergency cheese. It had served me well.

It felt good to have racked up a couple of winning days, even if the gains were modest. Maybe I was going to pull this trip out of the dumper yet.

I kept this up until after lunchtime (according to my EST body clock) and went down to the buffet to have buffet breakfast for lunch.

I don't mind the breakfast buffet at MB. It was good. Unremarkable, except for the World's Largest Blueberries the Size of Horse Eyeballs.

W.L.B.S.H.E. in a serving spoon.
These things were fantastic! Plump, ripe, and you could eat one holding it like an apple. You could slice one in half and feed two toddlers. If this is the result of genetic engineering, bring it on! I love a blueberry you can do weight training with.

While on my buffet rounds, I spied something that I really wanted. I slipped a couple into my shirt pocket. On another round, I grabbed more. Perfect.

The coffee was really good and overall, I was pleased with how the day was going. Another half day of work and I could gamble and drink to my heart's content. I had a plan for this as I'd spied some machines that had 9/5 Double Double spinners on them.

Burping my way out of the buffet, I started toward the elevators and at the last moment thought 'what the heck' and turned left instead of right. A couple of bucks in the machines wouldn't hurt, right?

I'd have a quick distraction and then get right back down to work. Probably pay for breakfast-lunch.


There are no pictures for this part. There's a good reason for that.


Let's just summarize it this way. An hour later, just one hour later, I was back at my desk, where I should be, fictionalizing customer responses in the 'what can we do better' portions of the cards.

I'd gone to the triple play spinner machine and simply shoved money at it. I'd gone on complete and utter tilt and went through every dollar I had on me.

And I know exactly why this happened.

It was a good thing I had work to do. I got to it, fuming and screaming inwardly at myself the most horrific and vile self-deprecations I could think of.



It was so bad, and the trip was so bad, that I decided to just tough it out for the day. I only had so many dollars on me for the trip and that was that.

(Did I mention that I took a second marker at the Nugget before leaving? I got enough so that I'd have roughly $500 a day if everything went south.

Man, I was so far south, I was in Ant-fucking-arctica.)

Work got done, and I had a plastic wine. Sat and took the sun in the armchair, looking out across the valley.

It served me right, this was karma. I mentioned I knew why this happened, and this is why:
Yes, I was a victim of the Stolen Emergency Cheese.

I knew the rules, and I broke them. Hell, I shattered them, and what's more, I flaunted it, loading myself up with gram after gram of pure white creamy artery death. On the street they call this stuff Kill Philly.

The Man says no taking food from the buffet, and now I'd paid the price in Cheese Karma.

I killed a bunch of time fooling with the Chromecast and the other equipment Jimmy Poon had sent along and I managed to figure out how to tap into some Periscope feeds of the Springsteen concert that was going on back home.
Turn the fucking phone sideways, dumbass!
Thank you.
The Quad Queen was all in favor of me dipping into my stake and going over to Luxor, maybe play the full pay dollar machines at the high limit bar - but I was having none of it.

I did have to go out for dinner, so I compromised and took a very small stake for after, and headed for Hussong's Cantina. There was no band, but there was a bunch of people having their pictures taken.

Not wanting to feel left out, I took their pictures too.

Oh, I also ate a burrito as big as a buffet blueberry.

Like a gambling junky looking for the equivalent of cough syrup to mainline, I ended up playing nickels again in a piss-soaked alleyway in a dark, damp, deserted corner of the Mandalay Pay casino where nobody else ever goes.

Back in the casino, I lost another $100. It didn't take long.

I took a 40 minute shower to kill time and went to bed. I was clean, and cleaned out.

Blondes are more fun
Brunettes are all right
It takes a red-headed woman
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    1. Love those 5 cent machines over by the entrance to The Shoppes at Mandalay Place. Got my VP fix on some multi-hand action and awesome drink service to boot.

    2. sounds like a really rough day. I am just wondering, why do you never play the aces and eights at Circus Circus. I always play them....I think they pay 100.17 percent.
      I was in vegas week of March 5th, I told my family I was going there to play and would be back when I hit the royal....took me 6 hrs....but I was dealt the Royal...the very first time I had ever been dealt a royal....I was only playing quarters, but had it been sequential would have been over $13,000. quarters was not full pay, but I had only taken $180 with me...forgot to get more out of the safe, but managed to cash out at $1230.
      I left Vegas a winner for a change!!!

    3. just curious why you never play at circus circus on the Aces and Eights progressive machines.They pay over 100% if you are playing 50 cents.
      I was in Vegas week of March 5th. I always go there to play. I was actually dealt a Royal. That was my first "dealt" Royal. It took me 6 hours. I only had 180 dollars with me, but kept recycling my twenty dollar bills. I cashed out my tickets after the royal and had $1230. Left Vegas a winner!! Had it been sequential would have paid over $13,000.

      1. It's a great game and I did give them a spin last year. I just didn't get over to Circus Squared this time.

    4. "The world's largest blueberries, the size of horse eyeballs". Is that from the big book of tumor and hailstone sizing's?


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