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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moon Me Over Macho Grande

I woke early again on Sunday morning, and the moon was slowly setting over the western mountain range, the beautiful peaks of Macho Grande that surround the Las Vegas valley in a gentle, neverending embrace, just like a doting, caring, loving, gentle mother, except made of sandstone and sometimes dusted with snow up on top.

That there dotty thing is the moon. Or maybe a streetlight. But probably the moon.
A sight like that, with the sunrise hues dancing across the mountainscape - that had to be good luck. It filled me with a sense of promise, hope, and confidence in myself, and I vowed never again would I be down $400 by breakfast and resorting to Desperation Keno play while I ate.

The deserted early morning hours at T.I.
Deuces. No kicker, though.
Having broken my vow, I had breakfast at the Aptly Named Coffee Shoppe - another omelette du fromage avec five dollar sausages.
Desperation Keno Time!

Nice looking day out there.
Since I'd gotten up so early, I wanted to do a decent amount of play at T.I. The alternative was to not play for most of the day, until I made my move to my next destination.

On my last $100 of what should be my daily stake, I played down to $15, and then engaged my free play - which was now up to $65. This was based on the points I'd earned during the stay.

At one point, I Lazarused. That means I played my last remaining credits, and arose from the dead aka won the hand.

I got on quite a run and played for about half an hour or so. I had worked back up to $100 but never hit a quad and then all of a sudden, it drained, and I was out. I'd done $2800 coin in on $5, you could say, the $5 being the Lazarus hand.

After taking some sun in my room, it was time to do some business and see what my host would say about picking up some room charges.

I went down there and we had a very nice conversation, but I hadn't played much more than enough to cover my offer - which I had to admit, was a pretty generous offer. And there was only one of me to cover it.

It just so happened that my host had had a birthday recently, so I presented her with a nice birthday greeting card.

We talked some more and it turned out there was $50 more freeplay that I could get onto my account. She also wrote me a comp for lunch, and gave me late check-out for 2:00pm.

The lunch comp was for Kahuna-vile. But hey, maybe its improved since the one time I ate there three years ago for the first time and it made me ill. Hey, maybe all the negative write-ups I've seen were wrong.

I'd figure something out.

I had earned more tournament entries but again, I lacked the inner fortitude to put up with it. And anyway, if I won, I'd have to come back the next day, and I had plans, plans, plans!

I spent some time walking around, getting some sun - nice day, if a bit windy - got all packed up and ready to go.

This trip, I'd be trying out the new rage in disruptive business model transportation, the new to Las Vegas Lyftber Ride-scaring service. I loaded the Lyftber app up and I got the current deal for Vegas - five free rides. Not only would I be riding for almost free, I'd be sticking it to the long-hauling cab bastards. Now that is some savvy transportation!

(Note to serious people - this was Lyft. If you plan to use it in Vegas, as a new user, don't register the app until you are in Vegas. When you do this, you get whatever the current deal is - and for me, that was five $10 rides.)

Everything packed, it was on to Kahuna-vile. I played it safe and ordered wings and some hummus dipstick thing.

The wings were hot, they were wings, they weren't bad, they weren't good. They were wings. The hummus wasn't bad. It wasn't good, it wasn't baby shit, although it looked like it. Nothing offensive about this meal, nothing much that could go wrong. A can of beer. Safe.

For free, it hit the spot I guess. But next time anyone suggested I go to Kahuna-vile, I was was not going to give in. This was it.

T.I. aka Treasure Island needs to improve its restaurant offerings. I was 0 for three on meals that weren't at the Aptly Named Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop, although a bit overpriced (but maybe not for the strip these days), is kind of interesting. They have some authentic Vietnamese food served in half the restaurant, under a different name. They serve Pho, which I have no idea how to say. I think it means noodles in soup with prizes.

Maybe the steakhouse is better, I will have to try it next time.

I played the $50 freeplay on dollars and managed 80 hands. Didn't hit anything obviously, because I looked in the future to this blog post using my prescient internet savvy, and did not see any pictures of big dollar wins.

Hauled ass to the room one more time, then hauled ass downstairs, and then hauled ass outside, where I summoned my very first Lyftber ride to haul my ass downtown.

Within five minutes they were there, we had an awkward greeting and set off.

Robert, my Lyftber driver, pulled up in a flashy Tan Kia Speculum. He slightly resembled Billy Idol.

He helped with my luggage, I piled in, and off we went. Imagine! Me, in my very first Lyftber ride, in a Kia, headed onto the freeway, with a sneering, complete stranger named Robert at the wheel.

Kahunaville closed its doors forever on February 23, 2016.

I imagine they will put in some new doors that will open onto a new establishment to take its place.

Comp stats for T.I.

T.I.Room 3 nights$60.00
Room tax 13%$29.90

Total about $755. I lost about $1200 there. I guess T.I. won that round.

If you wash with Sudsy-Wudsy,
You'll wash away the mudsy wudsy.
Like the Flintstones, like me too please!

(FB like RF, K?)


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