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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rocking the Geddy Lee Suite

At the Golden Nugget, I shucked off the bad feelings from the ridiculous Lyfber ride (keeping just enough of them stashed away to write a transpo-rant in my blog later on) and suaved my way to the check in counter.

I had all my weaponry ready. My Landry's card, with which you can sometimes finagle an upgrade, a bottomless sump full of Flusher charm, and the semaphore $20 bill, flapping in and out of my shirt pocket.

My room was already booked as a Rush Tower room, which is one of the best rooms the Nugget offers, but it's always worth a try to attempt to get free stuff. Maybe I could score the Geddy Lee suite.... but it was all to no avail. There was just nothing available. But, I pretty much got what I wanted, room 2112, on the south side, up fairly high.

The offer I was in on was $100 free play, three nights, and an opportunity to earn $25 visa gift cards with each so-and-so-many (5000 maybe?) points earned. I figured I could probably hit the first reward tier.
Sun therapy in the Rush Tower.
Big Vegas Sky. Big Vegas Parking Pot.
I got things squared away in the room, loaded my gambling wallet with (what was left of) my stake, and headed down to do some business. I was pretty short on funds.

It's always great changing venues during a trip. If you have been having a tough time, its a breath of fresh air, and a new start.

This uplifting feeling of hopefulness can last as long as 7 minutes.

First things first, check for freeplay access. I headed to a kiosk and, just like last time, I couldn't get my Personal PIN ID Identification Number to work. Is there anything worse than wanting to get your gamble on and being stuck in the slot club line for 15 minutes?

No. There isn't. Not even drilling a hot needle through a black swollen blood-blistered thumbnail to let the slimy ooze out is worse than waiting in line at the slot club. (Don't blame me for that image, blame TV. I saw it on Survivorman.)

The Nugget has tightened up on a lot of things. For one thing, their video poker is getting dismal. Since our last visit they cut the only full pay machines from 8/5 quarter Bonus to 7/5. Who the hell is going to hurt them on 8/5 quarter Bonus????

In the last 16-18 months, the Nugget has:
- removed a number of the last quarter 8/5 Bonus machines
- drastically cut the paytables at all the bars
- cut the points on high limit 9/6 Jacks, then cut the machines themselves
- removed some of the triple play machines I have been so lucky on

It's getting tougher to justify playing there. I'm willing to take a point in order to get a better hotel experience downtown - its the cost of doing business and so far, its been worth it. But there are not many machines left that I enjoy playing. They have great restaurants though.

But the offers keep coming, typically 3 nights and $100 free play, and we each get the offer. So, tight machines, but generous marketing offers.

The other mitigating factor is I have a penchant for hitting Royals at the Nugget.

The Nugget has also tightened up on Personal PIN ID Identification Number rules.
You can't use:
- 4 consecutive numbers
- the same number repeated
- a number related to your day of birth
- a number you've used in the past
- part of your phone number
- significant historical dates like 1492
- rude numbers
- all prime numbers
- all even or all odd numbers
- numbers that when held upside down spell a word, for example 7734, 8708 or 7055
- any of your high school locker combinations

The upshot of this is that everyone who plays at the Golden Nugget has the same Personal PIN ID Identification Number - 0112. Which is great until they decide to hammer Fibonacci's numerical ass too.

Anyway, the first stop was my beloved triple play machines. You know the ones? From prior trips? The ones outside the Grotto? The ones that are NOW GONE????
Stupid slots where my luckiest machines used to be. Boooo!
Once I had finished crying (about 9 seconds), and finished swearing loudly a hot flaming sulphury blue streak the likes of which would make a miner on one of those gold shows blush (about 45 minutes), I decided to try the 9/5 dollar Jacks and see what I could do with my free play.

$100 free play became $120 cash so I was off to a good start.

There's a dearth of pictures and notes, so I have to say, and based on my flimsy recollection, I lost a bunch without hitting anything. That damn dearth again!

No worries, I'd head out to the pool for some sun.

Closed for maintenance.


OK, lunch, I nipped over to Four Queens long enough to grab a keno ticket and a beach ball sized taco bowl. I delicately enjoyed decimated a hearty meal, and missing $700 by one number. Got $13 instead for 4 out of 5.

I.. WILL... DESTROY YOU!!! beach ball taco bowl meal!!!!!
I took a quick look at the Mike's bar but didn't see any Mikes, and got back down to business at the Nugget.

It seemed like the new rules on Fremont were working, with the designated performer spots.

There are a few performers that I'm not very keen on, and I took great delight in shouting at them, "GET BACK IN YOUR CIRCLE, JERK!"

What I didn't take delight in was heading to the cage to take a marker. There was a moment of panic when they asked me to see the manager because of a problem on my account. I have absolutely no issues with authority whatsoever, but cops, firefighters, judges, security guards, pilots, bosses, managers, and any people who run things send rivulets of cold sweat down the small of my back.

Fortunately it had to do with confirming my employment at Veeblefetzer. Our records at the Nugget go back a fair ways and we had a good payment record - i.e. we actually had paid off past markers. So he let it go and gave the nod to the teller to fork over the dough.

"Fifteen and that's it," he said, making a slashing motion across his throat. "Fifteen and that's it."

And thus reloaded, I went at the gamblestering again.

Every time a new liker
Clicks Facebook like for me
A unicorn gets its wings
Instead of being turned into dogfood.



    1. Was it Survivorman, or Deadliest catch?

    2. Sorry your faves are gone but your picture includes my ONE lucky machine there....the ultimate X with the old guy on it. I killed on that thing last trip! And I'm impressed with your knowledge of Fibonacci!


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