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Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome back my friends, to the blog that never ends

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments posted here and on the various boards I frequent. I read and appreciated every one of them. Thank you to friends who contacted me privately to express your feelings about the loss of Chippy.

There are over 700 posts on this blog, and I've never seen such an outpouring of comments on a post like I have on the last one. It's not even close.

All things must pass, which is not always good, especially if you are betting the don't. Now, let's get on with this trip report.

Where where we?...  Ah yes, Sunday at the Golden Nugget. Ass kicked the previous day, Saturday. Hopeful for Sunday. And why not. How could it get worse?

I decided to go low volatility quarters. I would have played the 8/5 Bonus machines... if there were any left. No, they are shorted to 7/5. But Shorting doesn't matter if you Win, right?

The problem with that scenario is not being prescient.

I went for it anyway, drilling a test hole with but a $5 bill. Because ass red and sore and swollen from Saturday's asslympics of casino ass reaming for $1000.

Take a look at the two quads I got. One of the things I like about Video McPoker is seeing the odd things that come up, the weird patterns. For example, I note that I had a quad of four 8s with a 6 in the middle, and then a quad of four 6s with an 8 in the middle. Now, why the fuck can't there be a jackpot for that??? Because if you think they come up that often, you're dreamin'. They don't come up very often.

Jousting sticks come up more often that that.

So, I did (according to my carefully kept text records with the Quad Queen) $530 coin in on $5, with a $40 profit.

Time for my what was my second-favorite triple play machine, which was now my favorite triple play machine now that the Smug Nugget pulled my favorite triple play machine.

I lost my $40, doubled a $20, and went out again. Put more in and more in and more in, and then hit video poker gold. Or maybe tinsel.

Yay for me, Four Pointies! From Two.

Not content with that, with my hands behind my back, I pulled Four Pointies from a hat, get into that, get into that!

Yay for me, Four Pointies! From Two. Again!

I did a volatility parlay to Double Double Bonus, hit Kings, and then 8s. The credits were mounting. I was rolling now. Or, err, then.

Parlayed again to five play. And wow.
More Pointies for Me!
Four more Pointies. That's 12 Pointies in all, if you are playing along at home. Practically an old fashioned Aces hoedown and, with 8 ounces of milk, an excellent start to the day.

You'll be happy to know I cashed a $300 ticket, for a profit of $140 on the day.

My reflection back to the Quad Queen was, in spite of all that luck, I was still only up $140 and "Man, it's hard to win." It's true. You can be hitting things like crazy and then you're like, where's all the money? Casinos.

I went for breakfast while I was happy, so I could happily enjoy a happy breakfast while being happy.
Buffet again. Fruit parflat. A grommet omelette. An egg roll, for some reason. Potatoes with a touch of throw-up. It was pretty delicious. I really do like the Nugget breakfast buffet.

I'd hit the point requirements for a $25 bonus for the promo I was on and went to collect. It was a $25 Visa gift card, no free play option. Fair enough, I took it and stashed it. I still have it. I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe use it online for something in US $$$??

I went back at the triple play, starting with short pay Bonus again, and moving to extremely short pay Double Double. I was in one of my playing frenzies. My hands flew over the buttons like the late, great Keith Emerson, may he rest in peace. With one hand, I changed the machine settings to high speed, and with the other, I brandished a dagger, and stabbed it into the Deal button. My long hair flew in the breeze. I was a barbarian at the controls.
 Got a quad right away and parlayed.
Got another quad. With hand like these, I was going to Bonnie Doon. "I'm going... to Bonnie Doon..." I sang, over and over. "I'm going... to Bonnie Doon!"

You know Bonnie Doon don't you? It's just down from Greg Lake.

And that's when I hit my fourth set of Pointies for the morning.

Oh, what a lucky man... I was!!!!

Let's just leave this blog post right there.

We could all use the chance to sit back and enjoy the serenity.

It's hard enough getting Aces Kicker, let alone doing a double tribute post. I wonder how many of you will catch both of them. No matter, I'm simple, and it entertains me without much effort. Its enough to make it worthwhile.

More to come!

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