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Friday, April 22, 2016

Planning the $1000 Las Vegas Vacation - part 1 (are you kidding me?)

After working from Vegas for almost two weeks and getting my ass kicked for pretty much the whole time, I've taken time to think about what I did.

It was expensive, I lost back most (but not all) of the money I won on a hot streak last fall, it was annoying, and it wasn't any fun.

I am bruised and beaten. I had terrible luck the entire trip, pretty much. I went from four royals in one trip to none.

After carefully considering all the alternatives, I can only come up with one conclusion.

And that is, I am going to go back.

You, the reader, are probably saying aloud, "you must be out of your fucking tree, F.P.".

But it makes sense if you consider my nature, which oscillates between degenerate and savvy, and all points in between.

There's nothing like a lickin' to get your clock tickin' and get you thinking about righting some wrongs.

Here's what I'm thinking.

  • I want to be on vacation - no half-assed work/night off trip bullshit
  • I should shake up the gambling and seriously limit high volatility play (Video Poker, your number is up)
  • Every savvy tip and technique I've ever learned should be used to be a cheap bastard frugal
  • Royal Flusher World needs content, so I want to research a bunch of articles and take on a number of new experiences that need writing about
  • Time to call in a bunch of the comps I've generated in my higher coin-in trips, damn the torpedoes
  • A car is needed so I can go places in Vegas. I would have had a better trip with more independence
  • Having a limited budget would be a challenge, and the ridiculous things I'd have to endure, the various hardships and shortfalls... would make entertaining reading for everyone else
  • I want to spend more time relaxing and doing zen-like relaxation things (that are free) rather than worrying about losing thousands of dollars and playing hour upon hour of wonderful video poker
So I am looking at a super-cheap trip, and trying to find ways to make that fun. I used to low roll all the time, why not now?

My remaining IRS refunds are nowhere to be seen, so I can't count on those to pump up the US dollar budget. This means getting creative and low rolling.

I took a look around and figured out all the things I have at my disposal. Here's what I've got.

  • In my Stash of Las Vegas Things I have $500 in US traveller's cheques, and $1334 in US cash.
  • 33,000 AeroFuckyouPlan Aeropeso points
  • 640 Westjet Dollars
  • a $25 Visa gift card from a Golden Nugget promo last trip
  • a $200 credit on a TD travel Visa card
  • $30 in Four Queens silver strikes (the non .999 fine ones, no red or blue caps)
I'll need some expense money, so it looks like my gambling stake for the entire trip would be $1000 US.

That would leave $334 for cash expenses.

I'd have to get cracking to see if it is even possible to get an Air FU Canada flight on points that doesn't involve six airport changes and two red-eyes. Because the return from Vegas on points on Air Canada or should I say Air Canada Rouge is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a red-eye.

Air Canada has a state of the art local fleet.
Should I do it or not?

Let me know - there's a poll in the sidebar.

Meanwhile... I'll be on the AeroFUPlan site.

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