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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Planning the $1000 Las Vegas Vacation - part 8 Don't Blow Tommy Wind!

Groupon is my new best Cheap Bastard in Vegas friend. Groupon is offering me a great deal on a Brazillian wax. Awesome, I adore Latin music.

I haven't posted in a while, as the planning for the $1000 gambling budget Scrounge trip is kind of in a 'wait-n-see' or 'squint-n-grope' mode. I'm hunting here and there for deals and slowly honing my itinerary from day to day.

And with coupon books, Trello lists, spreadsheets, groupons hitting my inbox every 7 minutes, forums, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Fumblr, FreakR, FaceSit, kreepo, fiGGle, myTripTrap, Grimster, popShute, SLIQ, HipStur, and on and on and on and on, I'm hitting e-fucking planning overload.

But that's okay, because I have no fewer than 4 activities/meals penciled in already.

On penSil.

There are two offer issues swinging in the breeze right now that need to be sorted. One, the Tropicana. Will the June offer replicate the very sweet April and May offers? Still unknown at this time and I may not know until June 1.

Second, I have a great offer from T.I. which includes a really decent slot tournament. But I can't give them the play I have been giving on the last few trips.

I'm toying with the idea of contacting my host, explaining the situation (I'm broke) and pointing out that I can't play per usual, but when I come back next trip with the Quad Queen, we will, and can she fix it up so that I don't burn my bridges on minimal play.

But that's all mostly guilt head-games on my part, I have to decide to either burn them for the offer, or not. But my host is so nice!!! And isn't that what's important in gambling?

Meanwhile, 10,000 new Royal Flusher business cards arrived. These are wonderful. They are such a step up from the first batch, and they have a full color back chock full of... well, you'll have to see one to find out what's on the back.

These savvy new business cards are so great that the Golden Nugget has built a promotion around them.

I am really flattered, but the Smug Nugget knows savvy!

Meanwhile back on Grope-on, I've been watching the deals. It's a bit disappointing - so many of them are geared to two people, and I can't use them - unless I want to eat $35 worth of In-and-Thrust Double Cheesegrease Sliders for $22.

Actually, that sounds pretty do-able.

One came in that interested me from a what the heck is this point of view. A magic show.

Cool, I like magic.

$48.99 value for... get this.... $12. Twelve. Bucks.

Music. He plays guitar and magic happens. He plays drums and magic happens. Then there are dancers.

Great! I love music, and dancing beautiful magic women.

It's the air brushed Tommy Wind! In the Tommy Wind theater, no less. The Grope-on site said that the Tommy Wind deal had died down. But I blustered my way and tried to buy it anyway, and I got it! I just hope that I won't find Tommy Wind blows.

I also get this deal offered a lot:
That sounds kind of useful. Because Flusherville is a hard-to-reach place. Will they come here and remove my unwanted hair? I hope so!

I read the details on this procedure and I'm confused.

During a basic bikini wax, an aesthetician removes hair from any area exposed by a typical bathing suit made of fig leaves. This includes the top and sides of the bikini line as well as the inner thighs, if necessary. The Brazilian wax takes it a step further, removing hair from the entire region, front to back. Since many clients prefer to leave a small, trimmed swath of hair in a strip or triangle just below the panty line, some aestheticians may use the term “full Brazilian” to refer to a session in which no hair is left behind.

Are the Pretty Kitty People from Brazil? Are bikinis made of fig leaves in Rio?

My uncle used to swath wheat with a big implement that he straddled and rode around on, is this the same?

I'm not sure the Pretty Kitty deal is for me, although the woman in the picture sure looks happy about her swath.

I'm seriously thinking about the Million Dollar Quartet Grope-on but it's a little over $50, and that could cut into my lunch money big-time.

Can't even.
How is it I find out that a thing is 50% off before I even have ever heard of it and never even knew it could possible be a thing?

Eyebrow fucking threading??? What is this painful ritual??? I'm going to have nightmares, and I just got over my anal bleaching nightmares from three years ago when that was supposedly a thing.

Maybe this eyebrow thread is decorative. Like dental floss.

Now, Pottery Painting, that's something I could do.

Hot chicks, wet clay, twelve bucks, Flusher style.

This trip just gets better and better.


    1. Congrats on the Tommy Wind deal, I heard his show 'Breaking Wind' is an earful and a nose-full. You will be standing and gasping for air in the the Tommy Wind theater after the performance from the excitement.

    2. 'standing and gasping for air in the Tommy Wind theatre'
      LOL Funkhouser


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