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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Cheap Mouthful of Hooters

First full day, Sunday, of Tropicana, and, sadly, the last full day I would have my beloved Poon Stang rental car. I really enjoyed ripping around in that thing.

I still had some coupons to use and what better place to start than with a mouthful of Hooters - I mean, breakfast at Hooters.

It's so easy writing this stuff when there are giant Hooters signs right next door.

I ambled over there, got my card, did my requisite $10 of play, and hey, hit a quad for good measure. Breakfast - paid for.

I used the $10 freeplay too and cashed it out even. Good start to the day. I got seated in the Hooters restaurant, aptly named 'Hooters' and ordered the breakfast sandwich. I wasn't expecting much, but man, this thing was great. Full of choice cooked eggs, patriotic American cheese, and slice after slice of sausage meat patty disk.

It was really delicious, and filled me up big-time.

Self portrait - with Hooters.
Here's the big breakfast sandwich.
Back at the Trop, I did some video poker play - multiplay nickels again - it was fun and I did okay at it.
The Tropicana features swim-up blackjack. Sadly, I never learned how to gamble.
I took a break in the afternoon and took the car out. I really didn't have much of a plan - I just wanted to get out of the hotel. So I headed to Fry's for a look-see.
For every size 7 grommet, there is a hole.
Saw some pretty cool TVs that I can't quite afford. And neither can you.
That's only about $1000 an inch.
For laughs, and to test out the Cameron G16 camera that Jimmy Poon fixed me up with about a year ago, I parked beside the runway, watched the planes for a while, and took some pictures.

Captain Flushiepants knows how to live it up on vaca in Las Vegas!

I kind of saved my $30 in food for dinner. I needed to choose between the New York New York Steak, and the P.R.O.B.

Boy am I glad I chose the beef - it was excellent!

The evenings gambling was again acceptable, although it was hard to push the buttons with 96oz of grass-fed cow in one's guttal region.

It was a good day, and only 99 degrees.

Lot's more to come!

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    1. I liked the old pool area. Where you swam through caves etc. It was great.


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