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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Behold King Flusher, Hard as Bronze

I had a pretty good day of it today in Las Vegas. I'm always feeling a bit physically beaten up the first day here and today was no exception.
My Royal likeness festoons the Dickscabular Motel and Casino.

Tired as I was, I slept 6 fitful hours only.

I've found that the secret to sticking to a daily gambling budget hinges on whether you have more than the daily budget on you in cash.

Today was my first full day as a scroungy cheap bastard, and I think I pulled it off fairly well.

My biggest planned coup was to claim a kettle or coffee maker from the lost and found. That busted. They get rid of stuff after 30 days. And, I asked the same person twice, which was kind of dumb. I may have to actually pay for one.

I planned to do a coupon run tomorrow after picking the car up - oopsies, it isn't booked until 3:00pm. Guess I will have to change my plans.
Only quad I've hit so far.
The best part of today was watching my FatBit go up in flames. I hit almost 19,000 steps, by far and away a record since I got it a month ago.

Today would have been a total success if I had not hit a quad drought right off the tuber.

It will be at least Day 3 in Vegas before I hit one, because I ain't hit one yet, Beulah.

Did I mention it's fucking hot here? At least 3rd ring of hell hot, if not 4th.

Flusher out.

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    1 comment:

    1. I'm in PHX where it was 116 today. Only way that's ok is if I'm in Vegas.

      I hope that you break the quad draught in style tomorrow!


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