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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Country Throw-up a Mile Wide

Sunday morning... found out that there is a heat warning in the valley, and it hit 109F yesterday.

And there I was, wandering around the Park like an idiot.

I had a pretty enjoyable day, except that I've played 1600 hands of single line Jacks or Better video poker without hitting a single four-of-a-kind.

This is nigh on impossible. It's an outrage! Inconceivable!

Mathematically, quads should happen every 400 hands or so. Well, mathematics can suck the square root of my dick in the 9th ring of fiery 109F hell.

Where are my four quads so far, eh math? You piker!!! Get in the game, wouldja?
Country Throw-up Smilin' Gravy-boy
Expense wise (food and such) I am in good shape. I found a great plan for yesterday that worked out pretty well.

And I had some enjoyable relaxation time when my budget ran out.

As far as the trip budget goes, I was doing quite well until this morning... because of this never-ending quad thing, I'm kind of about 20% through my budget.

Now, you could say that I'm in day 3 of 12, and by end of day 3 I should be 25% through, but that's populist pollyannesque ballwash.

Friday night didn't count, and it's barely noon on Sunday. So, yeah, I better smarten up!

Things should be easier, distraction wise, after today, because I pick up the car this afternoon, and I have some terrific plans for dinner on the strip this evening.

Gambling? Who needs it. I'll lay you 5:2 that you do.
So hot, the Park trees have turned to STEEL.

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    1. While your are in the south strip Im counting on a meal at original chicken tenders

    2. Flusher, on the subject of cheap, stuff you pie hole meals that are tasty I thought I would mention this since you have a car. You might want to consider a meal at the Golden Corral

      When we were down last summer we ate there several times and make it a point to go there anytime we travel south of the border.

      Here is a google map link with directions from the Luxor:

      I think an adult eats for about $13 and it is all you can eat buffet style including Salad Bar, selection of proteins, vegatables, desserts etc.


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