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Sunday, June 12, 2016

High Points Low Points Personal Hotspot Points

T.I. - Treasure Island. I'm not sure this place knows what it wants to be. Maybe they should have rethemed it. It still has one foot (boot?) in pirate-land, with Treasure Chest promotions, and the odd plastic skeleton here and there for decoration, but it also has the new sleek logo and the "T.I." branding, modern, trendy splashes of color.

It should pick one and go with it.

The restaurant scene there is kind of a hodge-podge to further confuse one. Gillies Olde Tyme Boot-scuffin BBQ Redneck Bar and Vittles Emporium. The now closed and always bad Kahunavile. (There's nothing but bare cement and holes down to the desert sand to replace it so far - but I assume something will replace it.)

There's a goofy looking seafood shanty/bar complete with faux pier entrance, ropes and buoys (which should really be relegated for bedroom use only).

There's a buffet that has a huge BBQ section and custom salad bar staffed by salad angels that will toss your salad like never before.

I still like the place for a number of reasons - it's on the strip, but the size is manageable. Parking is FREE still. And there are some decent video poker and blackjack offerings (yes 3:2 on blackjack).

Dumping my stuff in the room, I got busy on the 9/6 Jacks Quest - to do 3200 hands with $400 freeplay and $400 of my $1K budget.

Snafu - only $200 freeplay showing. Fortunately, my host, who I take good care of, was working and righted this fairly promptly.

So I got at it, using a careful and methodical approach. I played about 10 minutes when I realized that my T.I. card was safely stashed in my shirt pocket, instead of tracking my play in the machine. Fucking Dufus!!!!

I'd been moving it from machine to machine while talking to the host to see if the free play was registered, trying to get it to reload info from the computer. It ended up in my pocket. So I had some play that didn't count.

Fortunately, though I was off to a good start, but it was a long, long haul ahead, a haul that you will have to wait for until I write this trip report up proper-like in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

The long video poker sessions were not without their high points. And their low points. There were in-between points, false starts, climaxes, and denouements. There were key points and turning points and match points.
I enjoyed T.I.'s table game offerings somewhat.
 There were also occasions when I resorted to Punishment Lunch.
It's a good thing that T.I. has a handy CVS where one can purchase a bottle of spirits for a reasonable dollar.
Without any artistic ability, it should be obvious that I can't draw.
In the end, my room bill at T.I. maintained the record for the trip thus far, and weighed in at a savvy $0.00. The resort fee was optional and the Lobby Sheila said it wasn't included in the comped room, so I opted not to have it, and used my Roam plan for bandwidth, through a personal hotspot. Maybe I had better see a doc-in-a-box for that, it sounds like it might be the kind of thing that oozes.

Is it bothering you that there are no more details than this on the gambling?


I have to save some goodies and baddies for later. Here are a couple more pictures to tide you over.

The decomposing remains of Kahunavile.
The decomposing remains of what might have been a dollar Royal.
Now why is Flushie playing dollars????

THAT wasn't in the plan.

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    1. Royal, photo of the lunch.....that is indeed painful, sad and borders on depressing......

    2. "Now why is Flushie playing dollars????" My guess would be - "strict rules of parlay".


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