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Monday, June 13, 2016

Learning to Love Nickels

Saturday, I didn't play at all at T.I. I did pack (yet again), eat breakfast at the coffee shop, and went on an LVA coupon run.

Well. What can I tell you. I am getting absolutely Poindexter-sport-humped on match plays. The free slot play stuff went a little better.

One thing about the coupons is that they lead you to places where you would not normally go. The kind of places that I warned myself of in the planning part of this trip report, like the Col. O. Positive's Leather 'N Chaps Punk Rock Line Dance Pool Room and Saloon. Or the Airstream Cabins, Casino and Lube Shop.

The good news is I got my first handpay of the trip in one of these places, the Airstream. The Airstream has 31 machines, and the slot club / cashier also refreshes the cans of Mountain Dew and stirs the bread pudding every 20 minutes at the buffet.

This was all great until the guy behind me decided we should fight.

But that's a story for another time.

After some negotiations by text with my host, I confirmed that my sky-high food bill ($43) would indeed be comped. Bill at T.I.: $0.00. Very scroungeworthy!

Next stop, Tropicana, where I would learn to love nickels all over again. I loved them 20 years ago, why not now?

Four Aces on the redeal, folks. Serious nickel action here.
The Tropicana has some pretty nice surroundings.

With my offer I got $125 in play once chips. I thought I was supposed to get $100, then on the phone they said $75. But no, this was what I got. I played one before remembering to take a snap.

How do you win $50? Start with $125. FML.
I had comp tickets to Raiding the Rock Vault, the hallowed, award-winning (according to the Trop) classic rock extravaganza. It was like listening to FM radio, with long haired, leather-clad grandfathers gyrating around the stage about as well as anyone with a bad hip and a trick knee could at this age.

The musicianship was nigh on excellent, with some very accomplished guitar players. The male singers, I thought, were showing the miles.

It was a very full, very tiring, and very fun day, and honestly, so much happened in one day, it will be quite the tale to regale you with when the time comes.

Oh yeah, I had BBQ.

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    1. Love this trip. It's great to see you do the things I do as a low roller!


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