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Friday, June 10, 2016

Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe

When I was a boy I asked my Dad who the greatest hockey player in the world was.

"Gordie Howe."

Many of the kids liked Bobby Hull, but where Bobby was flashy, with the nickname The Golden Jet, Gordie was quiet, brilliant, and working hard in the corners game after game. He played pro hockey in his 50s. They called him Mr. Hockey.

It was said that Howe would sign autographs after every game until every single kid, every single fan, got one. Only then would he head home.

It so happened that the Quad Queen's grandmother was a friend of a young Gordon Howe, as the picture of him we have is signed. This is way back at the start of his career.

I've carried around a Gordie Howe hockey card or two in Vegas for years. It's brought me luck, and a warm feeling of what it feels like for a boy to have a hero - someone that can make the impossible come true in some way.

So, today we mourn the passing of Gordie Howe, number 9, all class and elbows, maybe the best and toughest player that ever skated in the pros.

The last few days have been fantastic. I've had so much good company this trip and it has made the difference between sitting around in my room, messing around and wasting time, and sitting around in someone else's room, messing around and wasting time and watching the showgirls put their feet over their own shoulders and down their back for a dollar a pop.

I HAD to get a picture of the Füed Crüe below and their amazing carnal shirts. I gave them a Flusher business card and promised a shout-out in the blog, so here it is boys.
Burgers, Dogs and Tacos. Tastiest shirts on Fremont.
Kevin treated me to dinner at Hugo's on his comp, and it was fantastic as always. He wouldn't even let me chip in on the tip and forced me to put my dollar away.

After I spent some time hanging with the Manitoba Boyz. These guys are hardcore downtowners, my second cousin Dr. Raoul Shiboubou and his dad, my cousin Gambletron. Or just 'Tron.

Dr. Raoul has a top-notch penguin operation up in Manitoba - more on that later when I do the full report.

We spent some time hanging in the Perch at the Golden Gate and later I headed back to T.I. and went on tilt. Again.

View from the Perch
More to come! Even I don't know what happens! I suppose that's expected because I don't know what I'm doing...

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    1. Being from Chicago and a hater of the Redwings, you still had to respect Howe. John Hughes an avid Blackhawks fan and lover of Howe gave him the ultimate tribute. Cameron one of the main characters in the film sports a Howe jersey during the film as a personal tribute to Howe from John Hughes. Truly an exceptional athlete and human being. He will be missed on this planet.

    2. Mr. Howe was also one of the largest players at the time.


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