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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Royal Flusher's $1000 Las Vegas Scrounge Trip

The challenge... do Las Vegas for 12 days on a gambling budget of $1000US.

This is what I have set out to do, and to make it work, I've pulled every cheap bastard frugally savvy trick I can think of.

$1000US. $60 hockey money. $25 Visa card. $80 Silver Strikes. Emergency nuts. Earplugs. 500 v 2.0 Flusher Business cards. I'm ready.

$1000 US in cash and traveller's checks, $60 CAD I won in a hockey pool, a $25 VISA gift card from the Golden Nugget, and a number of Four Queens Silver Strike coins that I will attempt to sell for face value or higher. I hope I don't get busted for hustling the customers.

Add to that coupons from the LVA, coupons (hopefully) from an Angel, which, with any luck, should be waiting for me somewhere on Fremont Street, and of course, all the free play from the various offers I've booked.

The results of the poll I took were:

Yes. Savvy will prevail. 32%
No. He will not stick to it. Because Degenerate. 25%
Las Vegas? Always a good idea! 32%
Are you kidding me after that last asskicking??? 7%

(I don't know why these don't add up to 100%! I copied them off the poll and then deleted it. Ummm... rounding errors, yeah, that's it.)

I'm shocked that a full 32% of you thought that I should not, or could not, pull this off. Flusher loves a challenge, and even more than that, he loves to fall flat on his face for your entertainment.

So bring it, betches.

I've got my emergency nuts, and punishment cheese, so I'm ready for anything.

If you're interested in all the planning stuff, check out the Planning the $1K Scrounge Trip posts.

Where it all ended up is this:

I have $1000 US, and some other boosters, as pictured above.
I have extended my gambling budget by scrounging almost $1000 in coupons and free play.

Just look at these juicy goodies:

Bankroll ScroungesNotesUS Hard CostUS Bankroll Added
Hockey PoolHockey Pool Winnings$0$47
Luxor Freeplay$0$75
Mandalay Bay Freeplay$0$75
Binions Freeplay$0$20
Four Queens Freeplay$0$0
Golden Nugget FreeplayESTIMATED$0$150
D match play$10 match play$0$5
Las Vegas AdvisorMatch plays and free slot play add up to about $175$42$175
Silver StrikesFour Queens Silver Strikes$0$80
T.I. Freeplay$0$400
Tropicana Freeplay$0$75

I've added $1,102 to my bankroll! (Assuming I actually win half the match plays.)

The overall picture is pretty good. I've managed to leverage $1700 in US expenses to a total of $4,436 in bankroll, freeplay, and comped rooms, food and shows.

I didn't include the great deal I got on the Tommy Wind Bluster of Magic show ($12 cost).

ScroungesNotesUS Hard CostUS Value
Bankroll Scrounges$0$1,102
AirfareAir FU Canada on Points from Flusherville$190$544
Seat UpgradeAir FU Canada Slaveship Seat to Normal Loser Seat$33$33
Expense Money$330$330
VISA Gift CardFrom Golden Nugget promotion$0$25
Luxor RoomRack Rate $765. RCs cover resort fee$0$225
Mandalay Bay RoomRack Rate $630. RCs cover resort fee$0$200
Golden Nugget Room$0$225
T.I. Room$0$150
Trop RoomIncludes $100 Food, $100 show tickets$0$350
Car RentalHave $200 CAD credit, cost $252US=$316CAD$116$252

Check back for new posts. I'm going to put some live stuff up on the blog as I go and then write the proper trip report later.

So check back - this trip is on as of tomorrow, Friday June 3!

Wish me luck, and watch for those Flusher business cards in Vegas!

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    1. Good luck Flusher! One question though, the poll results don't add up to 100%....what gives?

      1. Thanks Bill. And that is a damn good question! Either I mis-copied from the poll, or they are rounding errors. In a way, this is fitting for Flusher, don't you think?

    2. good luck. You will have a winning trip this time!!
      why do you never play aces and eights at Circus circus? It is a positive game!

      1. It's a great game. Last trip, no car, so never got to Circus Circus Circus Circus. But I have a car this trip, so I'll see if I can't play a $20 or two on the ole Aces and Eights.

    3. Best of luck Flushiepants! I will address you as such until the next flush de royale. At that very moment, you will, once again, re-elevate your status to; "Sir Royal Flusher." Exceptions will be made for awak etc.
      and/or overall savvyness etc.,etc.

      Looking forward to your latest adventures!.....


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