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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dramatic Skies Over Las Vegas

Day 10 - Part 2

The simplest thing to do seemed to be to go shopping. So that's what I did. I could spend hours just walking the aisles at Fry's - so that's also what I did. I saw tons of cool, cool stuff that I have no need for, but wish I did. Surveillance stuff, electronic components, computer parts, in-wall speakers, baskets of adapters, you name it.

I even saw something that made me smile my grommet-making smile.
Yes, a reference to grommets. Although, now that I think about it, this is something that fits in a grommet hole and isn't a grommet. Boo!

Fry's had some kick-ass TVs the likes of which you've never seen. We have some serious TV viewing in our futures when 4K becomes common. There was no point but I took a picture of their best TV.
Maybe I should pick one or two of these up for the place in Flusherville. Hey, why not, the price is right.
For $99,999.00 I hope the fucking remote comes with at least a two year supply of batteries.

I had to face facts - I was now killing time, because I had a limited gambling budget. Normally this trip, I had planned ahead for this and when the between bankroll times came, I would do an itinerary. But I had no itineraries to do today. So I was winging it. And, as you will see, quite literally so.

For dinner, at least, I had a plan, but I needed a snack to fill the gap. The strip south of Mandalay Bay is full of options and I spied something that would work - a place fitting of my regal moniker (that means name, for the un-inflamed of you that don't speak Spanish).

Yes, I pulled into the parking lot of the Burger King restaurant. The menu, like all such places these days, was chock full of confusing jargony promotions and spins of food that nobody in their right mind would ever concoct. Flame-broiled chipotle-changa burger fiesta wrap with nine kinds of aeoli on a bread-free gluten cracker shaped like one of four pieces of sports equipment for a limited time only collect and eat them all? Sure, I'm up for that - whatever it is. Or do you want the Flame-broiled chipotle-changa burger fiesta wrap meal deal?

The had all kinds of meal deals but the one that intrigued me was the 5 for $4 deal. Were they saying that there were five items that you could choose from, each being $4?

Oh no they were not. They were saying you could have all five of these items for a total of $4, including a bacon cheeseburger. Not just a burger. Not just a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger including bacon! And what??? Chicken BurgNuggets too??? This is a cheapskates dream, and a nutritionists nightmare. This, and things like it, account for 39% of all that is wrong with this year's society. Pokeman Go is the other 61%.

Of course, I had to try it, to find out how bad a meal could be for $4. Just four lousy bucks!!! And no tipping!!!

I salvaged this meal by holding the pickle - the only thing identifiable as a vegetable.
How can they make any money selling this stuff for four lousy bucks? Both a cow AND a chicken had to lose their lives to contribute to this freakshow lunch. I ate it. It wasn't great. But my bankroll was preserved.

With a stomach now less full, and that's really all I can say about it, I headed to my next loser stop - the airport, where I would sit in a car in 105 degree temperatures and observe commercial airliners taking off and landing at McCarran. It would also be a great opportunity to test out the rapid-fire function of the Cameron G16 (which bears a striking resemblance to the Canon G16 camera, except in the areas of quality, function, and reliability).

I think it did rather well, don't you?

As I took pictures, I noticed that the skies were getting very dramatic. This made for some pretty cool clouds and stuff. Okay, well, clouds.
That was fun for a while and you'll be impressed to know I wasn't the only loser person out there.

The heat finally got to me, so I started up the Poon Stang ("A.M. Mourning" by Chicago) and drove back to the strip. As I rode north, the skies were incredible, and I managed to whip out the Cameron G16 at a couple of different stoplights, roll the window down, and try to grab some images. This is the best one.

I turned right onto Tropicana and parked the Poon Stang outside, a stones throw from the side entrance to the Club tower. Almost as easy as downtown! And free (for now). The skies were incredible, so I braced the camera up against a light standard and kept shooting.

That's when I felt a tap on the shoulder.

Security. Wanted to know what the fuck I was doing. I explained.

"I'm taking pictures. I don't have a tripod big enough for this camera so I'm using a light pole."

Fortunately, he let me go.

The entrance to the Club Tower from the north side was sort of dodgy - it didn't seem like you were really supposed to go in that way - it was more of a fire exit. But one door wasn't closed properly, and in I went.

Straight up to the room - to fire off a few more shots.

That pretty much killed the day. Now I had the evening, which would be filled with the usual - meat and gambling.

Meat to come!


    1. A lot of these activities are reminding me why I make sure to not run out of money while I'm in Vegas.

    2. i live in San Diego and we used to always sit and watch the planes take off and land. well, thanks to 9/11 they blocked off all access to do that. Where do you park to watch the planes take off?

      also, I bought the 4k tv (not the curved one of course) a 55". i have to admit, it's a great picture. I'll thank Vegas for that TV from my June LV trip wins. :)

      Enjoying the blog!

      1. Here you go Deb.

    3. Deb, there is an area on Sunset where you can view the planes. And Royal, always a fun read (thank you) and I'm eating a frugal cookie in your honor.


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