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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Get Lucky With Heineken

Day 9 - Part 5

Heineken. It's so goddamn lucky!
I had a full $30 to use for one meal this day, so I went to the coffee shop, aka the Beach Café, which STILL hasn't gotten rid of the world's most uncomfortable chairs, these horrible director-style folding beach chairs, since last January. I refused to sit in them.
Photo of world's most uncomfortable seating courtesy DoubleTree Tropicana Las Vegas.
"Welcome to the Beach Café," said the Hostess Sheila.

"No, no, no... not so fast. You still haven't replaced those awful chairs? Last January you said they were being replaced," I whined.

"Yes... that's what they keep telling us. I agree, they aren't the most comfortable." She smiled. "Sorry...can I show you to a table, then?"

"No, you can't. Because last time you did, and I sat in one of those horrid chairs, my back did nothing but hurt, then my ass hurt, then my face hurt, then the whole thing folded up on me and I was stuck in the horrid chair with a face full of my own ass and you had to call security to get me untangled and get my ass out of my face."

"Perhaps you'd like to sit at the bar."

"Let's do that."

One of the advantages of eating dinner at the bar is, it's a bar. And it has a bartender. It's sort of like having a dinner table with your very own bartender right there. Except that it is a very long skinny table. And the bartender is, I suppose, a Bartender Sheila (named Marco).
For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about Lucky Heineken beer. So, I started with a Lucky Heineken, and then had a southwestern fried chicken salad thingy that was right delicious.

I did some mental calculations and while working on that, saw a mental note I'd made a week previous, which was now useless to me. I put it in my mental wastepaper basket. The mental calculations took 20 minutes or so, but by the time I was done, I'd concluded that I could take a chance on ordering dessert.

The Peanut Butter Cheesecake seemed like it would hit the fat'n sugar gee-spot and it did. "Geee is this good!" I muttered.
Peanut Butter Cheesecake. With peanut brittle. Pretty high on the mouthgasm chart.
I put the whole thing on the room, and hoped that my food allotment would cover it. If it didn't, I was only a few bucks over.

This very long, fun-filled day has called for some very long, fun-filled blog posts - and it wasn't over yet, not by a longshot.

My mental note was right where I'd left it, and I made my way to the new machines I was going to make button-love to - nickel 50-play full pay Bonus Poker machines. Perfect for the new low-rolling Flusher.

I decided to play 5 hands at a time, to start. And very first hand, look what I got! And notice, I held no cards - I got four Pointies on the Redeal! Boy, those Heinekens were lucky.
Four Pointies! What a score!
Got another one, after a while.

And another one.

At one point, I fat-fingered the Deal button and hit Max Credits instead of just plain Deal, and found myself playing 50 hands instead of 5. But it worked out okay, and I cashed out up $60. On nickels!!!

And why did I cash out, you ask? Because I had two tickets for the most exciting rock extravaganza the geriatric medicine ward has ever treated for STDs (Senior Transmitted Diseases) - Raiding the Rock Vault! (My offer came with two tickets, and I had to take them both at once. So I did. I kind of looked for someone to give the extra to but couldn't pull it off without seeming creepy.)

Where are the Beach Café comfy chairs pictured here????
I walked into the theatre, handed over both my tickets, and sort of looked around. I didn't see any sort of row or seat info, so I assumed that the theatre was general admission seating. The Desk Sheila had mentioned to get there early to get a good seat. So I found a good seat and plunked myself down.

I looked around the room, relaxed, pretty comfy seats. Up front, one of those photographer Sheilas was working the tables.
Some people showed up and said that they thought these were their seats. They had tickets that said so. I apologized, got up, and moved even closer to the stage, on the end of an empty row.

Five minutes later, some more people showed up and said I am in their seat. There were 8 of them. Shit. So I moved to the middle of the row.

More people came in, and more, and then some people said I was in their seat. I moved all the way to the next aisle, across the aisle, and into a seat on the left side of the theatre where nobody was.

I must have totally missed something about these tickets. It didn't seem like it was general admission  at all. Maybe my seat was to have been assigned by a Seating Sheila, but nobody ever said anything about it when I got my ticket scanned.

Finally the show started, and I stayed put. It was okay, I guess, but I never got excited like the 68 year old guy across the aisle, who clapped loudly along with every song, and even danced in the aisle. He'd do this when everyone else was seated, and it was bloody embarrassing to be around.

The whole show was like listening to classic rock radio, with long haired, leather-clad grandfathers gyrating around the stage about as well as anyone with a bad hip and a trick knee could at that age.

He ran down that ramp and jumped off the end. Nineteen times.
The musicianship was nigh on excellent, and featured some very accomplished guitar players. The male singers, I thought, were showing the miles. After the show, they let everyone know that all of the musicians would be outside to meet and greet us - and sell us signed things. Everything from the usual t-shirts, mugs, and CDs, to a crappy guitar, signed by all the cast, and actually used in tonight's performance. It was a bit much. But I guess it's a living.

People seem to love this show, but I wouldn't rush back to see it again, if given comp tickets a second time. What I would do, however, is go back and find out how I am supposed to know where to sit.

Now, back in the casino, the 50 play nickels were calling me! I got busy on there and did a bit of business.

Yes there is a nickel four of a kind there. Apparently, I had parlayed to 10 hands.
I had a great time playing but ultimately lost $60, which was a shame. I'd had such a good start with the second set of pointies. I played another $20 on something, short pay quarter single line and called it a night.


Because I was nursing along the biggest winning day of the trip thus far!

Day: +$80
Trip: -$555
Bankroll Left: $445

Almost half my $1000 left, and I was in the home stretch.

Why is Heineken lucky? Partying with Steely Dan and the Heineken Girls

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