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Sunday, July 10, 2016


Day 7 - Part 4

Let's see, how did this go... Kevin and I played the bartops in Chicago Brewing Company in the Four Queens long enough to get very large cold mugs of beer comped.

Kevin had been dealt a dollar Royal earlier, so he shoved like $10 into the tip glass, givin' it away like a drunk pirate, right after I had put a measly single dollar in mine.

I told him to take a bunch back, so that I wouldn't look bad.

So then we took our beers and sat down in the comfy chairs (!) and shot the shit while drinking giant beers. And then I said, let's go to the Mike's Bar, I told the guys we'd be by, plus I wanted to introduce him so that they'd take even better care of him than they already do. If that's possible.

Now that I think about it, tipping $10 on a glass of beer is going to trump any crap I can possibly pull.

Anyway, Mike's bar - plus I had a hankering to play some bartop Double Double on one of the best progressive's around.

We pulled up a couple of chairs and played slowly, chatting, drinking, talking to the Mike's, and generally carrying on.

Well darn if I didn't pull three Aces, so we made a big production of me going for the fourth, and darn if I didn't get it! (No kicker though.)
Four Pointies!!!
Oh hell YES!!!!!!!!! As promised, we had both button-fucked the Four Queens. Well, anyway, Kevin certainly had, giving them a $4000, while I had at least given them a decent button-fingering to the tune of 828 credits.

Let's have another look at the beautiful hand that represented a 20% boost to my 12 day bankroll, and my biggest hit of the trip so far:
A busy Mike at the Mike's bar, and my four lovely Aces.
Was I excited? Damn straight I was. I even put a second dollar in the tip glass.

The dinner hour struck and we made our way to Hugo's Cellar, which is always good. One of the best things is the way you get your salad tossed in the cellar, from the guy driving the salad truck. They toss salad with the best of them. I recommend the artichokes.

We both settled on something simple and delicious - New York Strip, medium rare. Simple and delicious. And who could say no to garlic mashed potatoes, especially after such a well-tossed salad?

Mine was cooked to perfection, or one might say, perfectly cooked to the level of cookitude (medium rare) that I had ordered.

We didn't bother to order dessert - the little sweets tray they bring was perfect - chocolate dipped strawberries, figs, and apricots, and a tub of whipped cream. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to work out an off-color joke involving salad preparation, strawberry dipping, and cream, whipped. (That's you, reader, yes you!)

After dinner we chatted a bit, but Kevin had had a long day, and was ready to retire to his suite. We bade (?!) each other farewell and promised to meet up again soon.

Kevin's a real stand-up guy. I offered to chip in on the tip with my new-found Aces winnings, but nope, not having it, he took care of everything, like a true gentleman. Thanks once again for your support, friendship, and generosity!

If you haven't visited Hugo's Cellar for a meal, I strongly suggest that you put this unsung hero, this gem, this wonderful old school supper club on your list of places that you would like to have someone buy you an expensive steak dinner in.

I did and it paid off big-time.

I texted the Manitoba Boyz to see what they were up to, and meanwhile, took a seat at the bar in the Four Queens nearest Fremont. I always forget the names of the bars at the Eight Nipples. There's the Chicago Brewing Company Bar, and the King's Bar, and the Palace Bar, and the Patio Bar, and the Mars Bar, and the Mike's Bar.

OK, I think this one is the King's Bar, and the Mike's Bar is wrongly labeled as the 'Palace Bar'.

And it has the best peoplewatching seat you ever did see. This one:


The Manitoba Boyz. They were in the Perch at the Golden Gate. I played a quick round of VP and had a snort, and then headed over to join them. On the way, I saw a man who could sit on his own head. Or was that some sort of standing?

Pathetically, I needed some time on Fremont Street to sober up, which is a crime against Las Vegas.

But, I wanted to get the Poon Stang from it's "Poon Stang Parking Only " spot at the Four Queen's to the "Poon Stang Parking Only" spot at T.I. in one piece, and without me having to spend time in the Drunk Tank Hotel and Casino. I'd seen enough bars today, I didn't want to see the LVPD's bars.

So, I headed up to the Perch to chill out for a while, take a few pictures (wish I'd had the Cameron with me instead of just the piPhone 3.14).

The Boyz had had a good day, spending some time on the strip, losing a few bucks, having a few laughs, selling a few shares in the Penguin business.
I guess it was still too early for there to be much Perch action.

But I strongly - STRONGLY - recommended to Dr. Raoul that they make a Hallowe'en pilgrimage, because that shit would be off the Perch hook. As it was, alls we got were some hot chicks that could (and did) put their feet behind their heads.
After hanging out for an hour, hour and a half, I decided I was probably good to go, and bade (?!) farewell to the Manitoba Boyz. They were headed home the next day. I retrieved the Poon Stang and roared (from red light to red light) down Las Vegas Boulevard to T.I.

What a day I'd had! Tons o' gambling. Made (more or less) my coin-in goal without getting killed. Hit the Aces for $200 plus.

What a completely satisfying day. A great time to turn in, reflect on a fun time, good friends, excellent dinner, winning session at the Four Queens...

And so I hit the casino at T.I. The triple play Super Times Pay, actually. I pounded that machine and never got the big hand one always hopes for. I blew through some dollars. But I did an extra $1000 coin in.

So I really did hit my coin in goal for the day.

Funny how you can lose $80 in a day and feel like a winner. So how did I lose $80?

I was down about $50 when I left T.I. I lost $20 in Chicago Brewing, and probably put in $60 at the bar. Won $210 so I was plus $70. Lost $40 at the King's Bar. The rest on Super Times Pay at T.I.

This explains it:

Gambling! You can't lose for winning!

I had zero complaints, it was a great, fun, day.

Day: -$80
Trip: -$640
Bankroll Left: $360

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    1. Love reading the trip reports. Years back you sent me a flushie business card and it is still on my desk in the home office. Had the best single hit of my life last night. Was playing 5 play $1 STP and caught a dealt royal in hearts. No multiplier but damn it felt good!

      1. Wow, congrats!!!! That is just wonderful. :) Glad the card brought some luck after a couple of years... I am overdue for a second dealt Royal. Quad Queen had two on one trip once.

    2. Are the Manitoba Boyz related to the Trailer Park Boys in any way? I was in Ontario last week and I met a guy from Newfoundland that I swear could be Bubbles' cousin.

      -- yoyoseven

    3. You were sitting in my favorite chair @ 4Q. I was there a lot last week. If you're in 4Q & there's old, fat, dude sitting there...banging DDB, wearing suspenders, smoking cigars, watching Fremont traffic go by...IT'S ME


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