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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Had Enough Vegas?

Day 12 - part 1

Had enough Vegas?
Did you ever wake up in Vegas on the last day and think, 'yeah, I've had enough... I'm ready to go home'? Where it's gotten kind of stale and busy, and you just couldn't face another stressful all in last chance gamble, or another one-to-many cocktail 17 hours past your normal bedtime? Where you think that you'd just like to be home?

Me neither.

I had one more day, and I was going to make the best of it. I still had budget, I still had marker money, I was finally healthy. I had enough resort credits for some of my meals at Mandalay Bay.

My flight the next day didn't leave till a respectable early afternoon hour, so this could be a full, proper last day.
Westward-facing Good Morning Vegas pic.
And so, the best way to start that last day, was with a cup of Stick it to the Mandalay Bay Pay Man Coffee using a brought-from-home k-cup, saving $4 right off the top. (Good thing I had remembered to scarf some extra cups from Starbucks the night before. I believe I had an espresso there after dinner... but the addled mind fades.)
The Super's Gonna Be Pissed II. (Am I a shit magnet for flooding?)
Next, I got some exercise, walking all the way across the boulevard to procure a Winner's Breakfast a la Skinflint, over at the Scottish restaurant across the way, and so it was that I found myself dining in McDonwald's, for a very reasonable price.
I heard this thing on CBC once about how having too many choices just adds stress. It's so right.

I'm hating the electronic menus at The Scottish Restaurant - McDonwald's. McDonwald's has so many choices that the menus don't show everything at once. They keep changing. Just when I get interested reading about the latest Flouncy Toy that comes with every Snappy Meal for Screaming Kids, I find myself looking at a list of 35 different combos, all of them naming things like Southwest This and Blackened Charfish That and Crispy Dirtwater Elan This, none of which tell you what the fuck it actually is.

I worked my way through 8 variations of the Egg a-Muffin. Eggy a-Muffin. Egg-aMuffin Classic Wheat Dingleberry. Egg-aMuffin Classic Supreme, Sausage Egg a-Muffin Combo Aoli. Double Egg-aMuffin Supreme with Sausage au McJus. Free Range Shitbird Eggy-aMuffin Delight (for a limited fucking time only). If the Free Range Shitbird Eggy-aMuffin Delight was any good at all... wouldn't it stay on the stupid scrolling ever changing menu???

Finally I threw myself at the mercy of the Scottish Burger Sheila.

"Look... I want to end up with an Egg-aMuffin that has an english muffin, egg, cheese, and a sausage patty. And I want a hash brown - or is it hash browns? I want one... hash browns? I want one potato thing. And coffee. That's what I want, and I don't care what it's called or how limited the time is or what toys come with it for only a dollar. And if its cheaper to have a combo that gives me 300 ounces of coffee instead of the normal amount, fine, give me that."

I stared down the McDonwald's Sheila. She needed some prompting.

"Now Sheila give it now, my thane of cawdor,
Or my allegiance shall be sworn to Duncan."

She raised an eyebrow as high as a castle.

"Donuts, that is."

"As you like it," she said.

Forgive my Scottish play on wordy words.
The best part was what heap'd upon the tray.

Scottish Food
Apparently, what I wanted was now cryptically called a 'Sausage a-Muffin with Egg'. Who knew. And I had more coffee as part of my combo than you could shake a spear at.

As I munched my way through the a-Muffin et al, I texted back and forth with the Quad Queen, and exchanged some messages with a very long-time fan o' the blog. A plan was shaping itself up.

I'd give it a go at Mandalay Pay, and if it wasn't working like super-fucking-lucky, I would spend all of two bucks and head downtown to a) meet up with said long-time fan 'o the blog and b) try to get on a run at Starship Binions on the quarter Bonus Poker machines, to trigger some freeplay offers for later in life. Plus I could eat for free downtown, and hell, why not go where there were full pay machines, since I was hell-bend on stiffing MLife?

Belly full of wheat, and grease, and a-Muffin, I headed back to Mandalay Play and into the casino. My destination?

That crazy, nickle, Ultimate X.

Look at my first hand of the day!

A number of marginally interesting hands followed. But how interesting can they be, I'm playing NICKELS here. Sigh.

I was up $40. But my heart really wasn't in it. I wanted to head downtown and play quarters. If I was going to get Royal on the last day, I really wanted it to count. Nickel royal: $200. Quarter royal: $1000 and enough to make this a winning trip.

I saw an interesting game at Mandalay Bay that I've never seen before, nor played. It kind of looks like fun, if you like getting pointies. Which I do.
Interesting looking game.

I haven't looked this game up or run the numbers on it. But if a Royal is 1 in 43,000, and there are four ways exactly at making a five card Royal, then I would imagine that getting five Aces would be close to four times as hard - because there is only one way of getting the five Aces. So one in 160,000 roughly? I bet the strategy for this game revolves around holding a lot of Aces...

I decided not to play it, and made my way for the Terror Tram to Excalibur... I had a two-dollar bus to catch!!!

More to come!


    1. Do what I do for a McD breakfast...get yogurt! It eliminates all that confusion.

    2. do you remember a video poker game called 5 deck frenzy? it only lasted maybe a year and never seen it again,,,,I played it at the vegas club there were 5 suits the normal 4 suits and I think the other suit was a green heart? I dont remember.....well I got a royal on it at the vegas club....I also seen these at texas station ....when I think of it now that was hard to do maybe with you camera skills you can make out the pay table....oh this was december 1997

    3. oh I can't attach the picture lol how do I do that?

      1. I don't think you can do that here. You could post it on my Facebook page though. Sounds like an interesting game, never seen it.


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