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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey My Business Card is Up Here

Day 10 - Part 1

My night at the Tropicana went very sleepfully, and the only downside was there was no k-cup maker in the room that I could rip off by using my own k-cups from home. They have a little coffee outlet right at the base of the elevators in the Club tower though, saving the long walk to the other side of the resort. The coffee kiosk is there mainly to service the many conference rooms that sprawl across two stories of the Club tower complex.

Anyway, we know that coffee is life, and I got my first fix very easily from the little stand down below, brought it back to the room to sip, and planned what I wanted to do today.

I didn't have any more freeplay, and I wasn't feeling the coupon run thing much, other than cherry picking a few things.

And there were a few cherries to be picked right next door, at the ever-classy Hooters establishment - a top flight purveyor of casino gambling, hotelier, and wildlife benefactor. The wildlife at this "Hooters" seems to be centered around the rare, gracious, crafty and deadly (if you are a rodent) snowy owl, oddly rendered in hues of orange.

There were a couple of coupons in the book that I could play there (including a dread match play) and I would probably partake of their white linen breakfast service. I looked forward breaking fast at a table properly laid with the finery that one comes to expect at a top-of-its-class wildlife-themed emporium of dining, dancing, and games of chance such as Hooters. I also looked forward to the large, roundy tits.

Another advantage of the Club Tower - easy, easy access to Hooters, and to the MGM Grand. There's a north exit leading down to an open parking lot, and it's a few minutes - as in three - to Hooter's doorstep.
The Super is gonna be pissed.
And with that bit of planning, I made my way out on the route described. The MGM looked as green as ever. As he often does, David Crapperfield, the renowed magician, was playing an engagement at the MGM and staring at Hooters.

The $3 blackjack 24/7 is certainly not 3:2. What did you expect?
I did the slot club dance with the Slot Club Sheila (named Rajeesh) and set out to do the needful - which was to play enough to engage the $10 freeplay. I played 9/5 quarter Jacks and lost $20. The day was off to a terrible start, and I was seriously thinking of running back out across the parking lot, flipping off David Crapperfield, and crawling under the blankets, where I would spend the day in tears (notwithstanding room service).

Instead, I played my $10 free play. And got nothing. Horrors!!!! Thinking... Crapperfield... blankets... tears... room service.

Instead... I pulled out another $20. And this time, what ho? A one in 47 draw to a straight flush? Why even get excited, I can't make these whether royal or straight flush or other straight flush.

By God this day was off to a GREAT start! I had put in $40 and took out $80, so up $40 on the day. Time for breakfast, featuring 25% off coupon.

I ordered this breakfast sandwich thing, not expecting much... it touted eggs, sausage patty, cheese and bread. And hashbrowns.

Well, the thing arrived on a nicely bouncing tray, and it was definitely a two-hand job!

A simple breakfast sandwich, but amazingly tasty! Really hit the spot.
With coffee and coupon and tip, the whole thing came to $12. And, it was a breakfast that would stick to my chest ribs.

On the way out, there was an opportunity to take a selfie in a cardboard cut-out, so one could 'make believe' that one was one of the Hooter Sheilas. Naturally, I took advantage of this opportunity, in a savvy way.
HEY - my business card is UP HERE... JARK!!!!
I headed back to the room to regroup and do some internetting and when I thought it was about time to head out, I looked at the piPhone and saw this - a SIGN:
11:11 - Four Pointies!
When I saw the date on my phone, Sunday June 12, I thought 'Flusher sure takes a long-fuck time writing up a pick-ass trip report'. You could go ahead and think that too, if you would like. But hey, like the best Emperor penguin back bacon, quality Las Vegas blogging takes time, heat, and lots of grease.

Meanwhile, down in the Tropicana casino, I was hittin' the nickels.
And there they are, four teeny Aces.
And there they are again, another four Aces. Bigger this time. Only held one, too.
 I played out the string, and then switched to some nickel Slutty Times Pay.

One nice thing about nickels - you can play, and play, and play. When you run out, you are still out money, but it's only like $60 or $100 instead of $700. The downside is it's pretty hard to win anything worth keeping.

What I'm trying to say is, I lost $100 on nickels. Dammit.

With the trip where it was, and my budget where it was, I'd allotted $200 for the day, which is pretty decent. But I didn't want to go through it all now - I thought I'd better go out in the Poon Stang this afternoon. I didn't really have a plan or know what I wanted to accomplish - but this was the last day I'd have that sweet silver beast, and I wanted to make use of it.

So, went up to the room, got my better Cameron G16 camera, fetched the 'Stang from Valet and headed headed south.

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    1. That breakfast sandwich looks delish. You must have been very satisfied when it was delivered to your table, the waitress sheila using both hands and all.


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