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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Tawt I Taw an Impawa

Day 12 - Part 4
I tawt I taw an Impawa.
Out at the bus stop, the Fremont Street Experience show was going on, so traffic was stopped. I had plenty of time to make the WAX bus. When the show was over and the street opened up again I started watching for my ride to make an appearance.

An SDX bus went by. But I didn't want that one. It did take a faster route to the strip than the Deuce, but once on the strip it was bound to be chaos, jammed up worse than a product taste-tester at a cheese factory.

The bus people (the RTC) have a cool system where you tex the bus stop number to some magic tex number and it tells you which buses are coming and when.

I did this and it showed the WAX as being late. OK, I could deal with a little late.

Well, ten minutes turned into twenty. And twenty turned into twenty five. I texed again and the WAX showed as arriving even later than they said before.

The people watching was interesting, so there was that. And pretty much the coolest Impala in the world pulled up where I could grab a good picture of it.
Bless ya Carol, wherever you are.
A couple more SDX buses roared by, and even a CX bus, whatever that is, and I struck up a convo with an RTC employee (aka the Bus Sheila) that is on standby to save drunk people from walking out in front of the bus, and to answer questions about stuff like where the fuck was the WAX???

The Bus Sheila was really nice and got on her radio to try to find out when the WAX would come. Meanwhile I did the tex thing again and it was gone! It was not showing at all. The Bus Sheila thought there might have been a breakdown. Maybe the next one would come as scheduled. It happened.

Whaaaa????!!!! And with that, the WAX bus had disappeared off the tex radar completely.

According to the sign, the next one wasn't scheduled to come for another 40 minutes. Shit! I thought about ordering a Lyftber, but I'd already bought my bus pass and the WAX is such a good way of getting south strip - when it actually arrives.

I checked the sched again and an SDX would probably come before the WAX. But no guarantee. Because the posted time for the SDX is 'approximately 15 minutes'. And I'd already watched three of them go by.

I decided to give it 10 minutes. If an SDX appeared, I'd take it. If a WAX appeared, I'd take that. If not, I'd eat my ticket and find a Lyftber pickup point.

Eight minutes later an SDX appeared and on I got. It was almost an hour since I had walked out of Benny's BBQ full of ribs and tasty-burps.

At least I was on my way. It was crowded. It was noisy and hot. The first part of the ride was fine. That's because the SDX goes where it wants to get to its well spread-out stops. We went left on St. Louis I think, and down the backside of the Riviera, along Paradise. But then we turned back to the strip.

And that's where it got, well, cheesy. Stop and go. Stop and go. Not only was it interminable, but somebody was playing some horrible repetitive electronica on his phone, and not using earbuds. It basically sound like a pulsating sprinkler, except worse.

And that somebody was sitting right next to me.

I put up with it past Wynn. I put up with it past Mirage. I put up with it past the Flamingo. I put up with it past Bellagio. And then I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Is that your phone making that horrible music? It's the worst thing I've ever heard." I was ready to elbow-dick the little shit.

But the young Asian fellow, in from Malaysia to do some marketing of his own tech company, was a decent guy. It turned out that I would probably have liked his music if it weren't being played through a quarter inch piezo speaker that provided a full rich audio experience in the 7000 to 7050 hertz spectrum.

We got talking about music and the artists we liked, from Fatboy Slim to the new stuff from Skrillex to the Orb to Mr. Bungle to Esquivel, all kinds of things, really. I told him about the cool 8-bit music that came out, oh, around the time he was born. And the journey got a lot more pleasant.

But by the time I sat down at a machine at Mandalay Bay, it had been three hours since my stupid ribs had arrived at stupid Binion's by the Bus Stop.

What a great way to spend your last night in Vegas.

I know what you're thinking. I should have bailed at any point and gotten a Lyftber. Even a taxi.

You're right. Life (in Vegas) is too short.
I settled in for a little nickle Penultimate X video poker and got a beer going. Again, it seemed like all the high multipliers were producing nothing. It also seems like this on Super Times Pay and I have to assume that it is just the nature of the beast, and part of what makes it so addictive much fun.

This was a very nice hand to get, and at least I had one little multiplier on it.
I figured I had $60 on the meter and I should probably cash out, so I kept playing.

Well, I burned through all those credits and called it a night.

A last night.

My plane was schedule to leave at an easy two-ish in the afternoon, so I figured I had one more bash at it in the morning. Would this be yet another Royal-less trip?

As I walked through the casino to go up to my room I thought, "I must remember to post some random pictures of stuff that I hadn't gotten around to posting."
Mandalay Pay is so... generic. What actually is it? Is it a place? a theme? It's nondescript semi-luxury.

Looks like a pretty sweet penthouse up there with outdoor pool on the balcony maybe?
Day: +$40 - a WINNING DAY with respectable $3K coin in at Binion's
Trip: -$575
Bankroll Left: $425

I had only lost $575 over twelve days. Not. Too. Shabby.

So, is that an Impala? I've been trying to figure out the year. Dad had a few of 'em, 70, 74. Sure looks familiar. If I had to guess I'd say about a 73, 74.

If its a different car, let me know!

1972 Caprice? Nope.


    1. Definitely a '73 based on the tail lights. The back wheel skirts made me think Caprice but Google images shows both models to have those.

    2. Looks like a 1973.

    3. Respect the nickels RF, respect the nickels.


      1. Sorry, was trying to just post an image. Not a link to a trip report.


    4. "I should probably cash out, so I kept playing." Well duh.

    5. Loved the report so far Flusher, but I don't think there's anything more depressing gambling-wise than nickel video poker screenshots.

    6. I owned a '73 impala and could have sworn it was the last year of the convex rear window so I would guess 74


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