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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nick the Greek Salad

Day 12 - Part 3

Just past the Drop 'n Wipe 'Mother Load' kiosk is a display featuring one million dollars in flat, room temperature, plexiglass encased cash.

Instead of winning yet another bungee cord, deck of cards, genuine-lock-of-Benny-Binion's-hair keychain, bottle of Nick the Greek Salad Dressing, Tony 'The Ant' Spilotro night light, Five AM Hooker Aftershave sampler, joke Fremont Logoed Souvenir Paint Huffer Hanky, Binions "Split 'em!" blackjack shotglass with plastic showgirl legs, glow-in-the-dark eye shades, battery powered Girls of Glitter Gulch Inflatable Tongue (not to be confused with a swollen tongue), FSE bankroll kit complete with torn piece of cardboard and a Sharpie marker, casino chip deely-bobbers, double-beer thongs, 'Big Sipper' boob coffee mug, or Head 'n Shoulders Downtown Vegas Snow Globe, why not let me Swipe 'n Grope a million dollars? It's right THERE.

Since Starship Binion's gives away photographs of you (and me) in front of the million, the next best thing was to have a quick snap taken. I struck one of my famous video poker poses, and they got a couple of good ones. Now I have a nice souvenir of myself with (supposedly) a million smackers.

Next stop, lunch. I had $15 to spend, and there was no hesitation whatsoever - it was Hangover Burger time at the cafe.

(I wonder if they will ever, ever, re-open the downstairs coffee shop? Binion's is really just a shadow of its former glorious self. But they still make a damn good burg.)

Behold. The Hangover Burger.
I can tell you that this picture of a cheeseburger with bacon and egg on it was just as delicious as the other pictures of cheeseburgers with bacons and egg on them.

After consuming said lunch, it was back to the Bonus Poker. On the way, I cashed in my $120 ticket for twenties, so I could employ the Strict Rules of Parlay if I felt the desire.
The bridge at Starship Binion's.
I played a twenty. Out. Change machines.

Played a twenty. Out. Change machines.

No problem, I'm still up $20 on the day.

Ah there we are. A nice little quad and a bit of running room. I parlayed to 50 cents but it just didn't work. Imagine that, a gambit not paying off. If I had known this could happen, I never would have taken up video poker.

The machine dumped and before long I was out again.

I noticed a couple from earlier had returned. They were sharing a machine, playing dollars, and living every moment together. They played fast, they jumped around machines, and had some pretty good luck, hitting Aces (no kicker). I remarked that it was all good, you take what you get. No such thing as a bad win. That kind of thing.

They disappeared and I kept playing. Okay, they didn't actually disappear - as in a puff of smoke and gone - they left. Happy?


And, actually, my credits disappeared. Another twenty in. With each twenty dollar bill I gambled, I felt this incredible rush, this incredible surge of delayed disappointment.
I parlayed to 50 cents and popped a pretty rare straight flush from three on 50 cents that got me rolling again. Nice $125 win!
I love straights flush. I loves plural.
I parlayed again to dollars and was dealt a full house. That got me up to $230 on the meter. Not a bad little stake. I played dollars happily, dreaming of dollar Royals that would blow this trip apart.

But you know what? When I hit $200 even, I cashed the ticket.

It's all how you frame it, right?

Time for a break. I met up with another fan-o-the-blog and had a beer outside. It was too damned expensive.

It was also time for a last look at Mermaids before it got razed by the Brothers.

Yes, I'd like $10,000 please.
 All kinds of slot jockeys were having their way with the Mermaids while the flippers were still moist.

The net of it (see what I did there?) was that I lost $20 on stupid tighter-than-the-strip slots.

I still had a long way to go, I really wanted to hammer the coin-in at Binion's and try for that damned Royal.

More to come!!!!

I love my life. I love the million dollars. I love lamp.

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    1. You wrote '' Time for a break. I met up with another fan-o-the-blog and had a beer outside. It was too damned expensive''. Did you meant it was too hot or was the beer really that expensive?


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