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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Plan B better be good.

Day 6 - Part 1

After a brief period of self-loathing, I fell asleep and had a fine night of being horizontal.

Isn't it interesting how I have adapted to a much lower budget and going through $100 in an evening means going through 10% of my bankroll... I think the Quad Queen was right when she said, yes, you will stick to this plan and this limited $1000 bankroll because its a challenge. You'll enjoy solving the puzzle and find you like doing other things, because you won't have as much wiggle room to play.

With that in mind, I made two cups of Keurig FU Nugget Smuggled K-cup Koffee in my room (saved $5 right there!!!), took a shower, shaved, put on clean clothes, and marched straight down to the Golden Nugget cage to take out a great big marker.

Now, some readers might be angry. And other readers might be hurt. And other readers say I should never go.

I stashed the bills in my shirt.

The plan for today, you ask?


And play coupons. And with that I took but $80 in cash with me (because I've learned lessons) and headed out onto Fremont, which always looks nice in the morning, as opposed to full of weaving tourists barfing (like the picture from the Perch that Dr. Raoul sent me yesterday, and no, I am not posting it).
The restful 'no barfing' hours on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Since I had unfinished business at the Plaza, I headed there first and got my LVA coupons sorted. 8:00 in the morning and it took me 15 minutes at the slot club, waiting in a line of One. But that gave me plenty of time to watch the video loop on a flatscreen above the counter. And I noticed this, which demonstrates the Plaza's careful attention to detail.

Looks pretty straight forward, right? Let's zoom in a bit.

Unfortunately, Vegas Chatter was shut down a year ago, and the excellent VegasBright fills the gap. And, actually, my pal Blonde4Ever, who gave me the spy coupons, writes for VegasBright. So, well, YEAH.

Also, the image pictured is of 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker.

I guess I'm still mad at the Plaza about the poor disclosure of their resort fee, and that I had three different conflicting amounts for it.

Anyway, I got my freeplay sorted, and a match play coupon sorted, and played something high volatility and horrid at the one bar that takes freeplay. $10 worth, got nothing out of it. Their bar Jacks or Better is 6/5. In case you are interested, that is a roughly 4.5% house edge, only 900% higher than the 9/6 Jacks just down the street at the Boar's Head Bar at Main Street Station. Plus you get scratch cards.

Rant done.

Next, the match play, and I'd had such rotten luck, I figured this was a lock. And it was. $25 down on Red, spin, ball lands in red.

And bounces out at the last possible kinetic moment into black.

And that made it zero for four on match play coupon attempts.

I messaged the Manitoba Boyz, Dr. Raoul and Gambletron and arranged to meet them for breakfast at Binions. Sounded good to me.

'Tron had pretty much the best t-shirt ever on, totally perfect for Las Vegas.
We ordered up some cackleberries and pork rinds and a few shingles, and some joe.
Free Breakfast 
Tron had a breakfast coupon, and Dr. Raoul had a 2-for-1 coupon, and I used my points to cover the cost of one breakfast. So, somehow, everybody ate free.

"Is everything all right," asked our fine waitress.

"Yup," said 'Tron.

"Yup, good bacon, but not as good as my Emperor penguin bellies" said Dr. Raoul.

I pitched in my two cents.

"Agreed, this is quite a good breakfast. And, as Dr. Raoul points out, this bacon is excellent, but you know what? Dr. Raoul here - he's in the Penguin business - he says, that his ice-raised hormone-free Penguin belly product, when properly cured, complete out-does bacon."

"That's right," said Dr. Raoul. "It has a taste and a class of its very own that just screams "Bird in a Little Tuxedo!!!"

"Huh?" said the server, raising one eyebrow.

"When eaten in conjunction with true Canadian maple syrup, it creates a sweet and salty concoction that would make Gordon Ramsay climax."

The server plopped our bills on the table and stalked off. Maybe she had something against the British.

The Manitoba Boyz and I parted ways for the time being, and I headed over to the D to confirm once and for all how you are supposed to use your mailer coupons when you have opted out of the mailer.

Flusher Advice Here: If you don't particularly care about saving the planet, but do care deeply about your $10 match play coupon at the D, don't opt in for the 'green save the earth email only' option.

The coupons arrive by email and NOWHERE do they say that you have to print them out to use them. They used to be able to look it up on the computer (so no I was not dreaming last trip) but no more. You have to print them. And as a result of not having printed mine, I was fucked out of them yet again.
I owned this for all of one minute sixteen seconds. And it cost me $25.
I kept my cool though, and got the rules sorted for my match play coupon, which I played on Red.

And lost.

Zero for five attempts.

The bit of freeplay I had on the card amounted to jack squat as well.

The difference between the last 3 days and the Long Run was starting to become very apparent. I should have won 2.5 of those match plays, according to Mr. Mathsucker Poindexter. But match plays don't come in half-coupon increments, do they.

No worries though. I jaunted my way onto the Fremont Street Experience, on my way to the El Cortez, to pick up the match play action there.

I jaunted my way down the way, jaunted my way past Slotzilla, and jaunted my way right onto some asshole's chewing gum, which stretched out about three feet from the bottom of my foot.

It was that kind of day.

More to come!


    1. Dontknow if i missed it or its still to come did you end up wining that 50$ free play from the slot tournament

    2. Would the Harry Chapin song you mentioned now be called "Uber"?

    3. We penguin producers do pride ourselves on our quality exotic meats. However with a downturn in the Canadian dollar and a very small foray into the Global market, we are finding it harder and harder to continue to raise penguins of the highest standards, as outlined by the PPU Local 847 (Penguin Producers Union). Any of you folks south of the border interested in our product feel free to contact us! Short, stubby, ice raised hormone free birds everywhere will thank you!


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