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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Recalling the Kings

Day 7 - Part 3

I put $20 in the machine and loaded my last $200 freeplay and started rockin' the Jacks or Better.

Maybe the quads would keep coming. I was certainly due for some, after the ridiculous quad drought at Luxor.

I have to admit, doing a low-playing trip was fun in other ways, because I'd worked hard at making it fun, but I had really missed being able to just sit and get involved in a do-or-die video poker session, the kind where you are just deep into the game.

With about half the free play gone I hit a quad, so that pumped me up some again. Kings, if I recall correctly. And, since I have a picture of four Kings staring me in the face, I am pretty damn certain that I do recall correctly.

As you can see I had $80 of the freeplay left.
I came agonizingly, tantalizingly, disgustingly close to a Royal again, and all I could do was groan and curse the anti-Flusher-Royal gods.
Can you imagine what a difference a 50 cent Royal would have made? I would have pocketed immediately $1400, which was $400 more than my entire trip bankroll. It would have cemented the success of this ridiculous trip in one stinking hand.

I decided I would try to get a Royal Flush. (Duh.)

Well, three hands later, I hit another quad, again from two cards. Oh hell yeah, I needed that!!! And thank God the quads were flowing today! I had a chance!

By the time I was done my freeplay, I had $340 showing on the meter. Taking my $20 off the top, I'd turned my second $200 freeplay into $320 available cash. Now THAT is how you do free play the R.F.W.!

I have noticed on Jacks that if you are getting the fulls house, you are usually staying in the game to get the quads. And that was the case here. My session rolled on and I was starting to get to within striking distance of my coin in goal. I figured $7000 would barely do it, $8000 was pretty much a success. Anything over $8K and I'd be very happy.

At the $6000 coin in mark I hit quad Jacks and had $300 on the meter. Taking off the cash I'd put into the machines, I was up $90 on the day. Things were looking much better!

And that's when things went in the dumper again. I played through almost all of that $300 you see on the meter there, to within a few hands of busting. I pounded out my fifth quad of the day, a beautiful dealt set of Queens.

By the time I went out, I had done $6880 coin in. Barely, barely good enough. I was down $30 on the day, had used $400 free play and had earned $20 point play. But the foundation was there. I felt I had been pretty lucking, hitting five quads, but when I did the math, the return on the session was only around 93.5%. Without a Royal, there was no reason I should not have hit 97.5%. I'd taken a 4 percent beating around my mid-loins.

Hell, shit, damn, I didn't care, I'd pretty much done what I set out to do, and lived to tell the tale. Now I just had to get through tomorrow, and I will had $370 of the $400 I'd set aside to do that. Time to head downtown and have a cold one or nine with my buddy Kevin.

I hopped in the Poon Stang and headed downtown, to the Four Queens. It was early afternoon, and I planned to spend the rest of the day downtown, hanging out with Kevin, and the Manitoba Boyz if they were around. Kevin was going to treat me to dinner at Hugo's, which I was really looking forward to. Because Salad Truck.

Kevin was still out at the record store or running errands, so I first grabbed a Keno ticket, and then went to Magnolia's and ordered a light lunch - the taco bowl. I ate all the chicken, lots of veg, some beans, none of the bowl. It's actually a pretty light meal if you don't eat any of the heavy stuff.

About the time I got done, Kevin rolled in and we grabbed huge beers in Chicago Brewing Company and chewed the fat for a while. We also talked.


"What was that?" asked Kevin.


The Manitoba Boyz were headed to the strip for a few hours, maybe we would catch up with them later.

I won S.F.A. on my Keno ticket. Why do I play that, why???

Once the fat was well chewed we headed to the Mike's Bar to pregame for whatever came after drinking at the Mike's Bar. Dinner I guess.

We had a great time for three reasons.

First, I met these amazing guys who have a shirt tradition for their family/group/friend trips. How can you argue with shirts like these?
The Füed Crüe and their amazing carnal shirts.
Second, I got to hand out a business card to a reader, which was cool.

More to come.

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    1. Ah, Flusher, once again you were a jack off in Las Vegas. Come on, get that royal!!!!


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