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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Somebody is Mr. Casino Crankypants

Day 7 - Part 1

Day 7 already? It always goes so fast! Big day today, had a lot to do. Had to get all packed up and out of the Nugget, and then down to T.I. Fortunately, my T.I. offer came with early check-in so I was hoping I could save a trip to the garage at some point.

The day dawned... hot. And cloudy, for a change.

I didn't plan to play at the Golden Nugget anymore and hoped that my low play wouldn't screw up the room bill.

According to the Folio channel on the TV, all was well - I owed $.00.

I love the Vegas mountains. Isn't it cool how they look different every minute of every day? And I don't think they have it on 'repeat' either.

Today was a Big Day, as mentioned earlier in the trip report - I was at T.I. for two nights, and had $400 freeplay. The goal was to play as much as $8000 coin in on 50 cent Jacks. I figured if I kicked in $400 of my own I had around an 80% chance of fulfilling that goal. I could also fulfill the goal and be broke at the end of it. I had $500 extra from the marker I took the day before, but using it would be a crime against trip reporting.

I kind of like the Nugget breakfast buffet so I headed down there - to find the world's most ridiculous buffet line-up. What was going on???
Well, for one thing it was 6:55am and the buffet didn't open until 7:00am.

Mr. Flusher doesn't measure himself as 'one of the little people'. No, I hung around the Buffet Sheila desk and when 7:00am hit, waved someone ahead of me who obviously had Elite status, into the Elite/VIP/Fancyass line, like I completely knew what I was doing.

I didn't have time to wait for all these buffet nellies to be processed to the trough.

Mr. Elite went through and I smiled my most confident Sir Flushipants smile, and flashed the Golden Nugget VIP Line Pass card I'd snagged four years ago. The name and date on the back had never been filled in.

"This still work, Sheila?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Certainly Mr. Pants, it certainly does."

Bingo, I was in. I waited at just behind the Buffet Sheila for the Seating Sheila and then I spied, sitting on the very end of the counter, a stack, and I mean a STACK, of blank buffet passes. My hand was inches from years of buffet freedom.

I looked around, nobody watching. I could pick a few up and pretend I was inspecting them... I reached and...

...the Seating Sheila appeared around the corner.

"Just jail?" she said.

"Excuse me?"

"One? Just one?"

"Just one."

Tempted and saved by the Seating Sheila from doing something I would regret - and eat - for years to come. Or until they changed the free buffet forms.

I dug in and built myself a decent breakfast, I thought.

Damn. Yet again I had forgotten to get my free tickets to Gordie Brown. Never seen the show, and I get free tickets every time we stay at the Nugget. It's not like me to forget a show like that.
The Healthy portion of the meal. Au rutti.
Sufficiently fueled, I packed up the rest of my gear and got out of the room. Moving so often does get a bit old, there's always those moments of panic when you are looking around frantically to see what it is that you might have forgotten to pack.

I drove down the strip to T.I., passed the Riviera, which was closed, and days away from being imploded. Red light. Why not? Grab a few snaps.

I got parked at T.I. and left my stuff in the Poon Stang. Got a really great parking spot, and yet again, it was a 'Poon Stang Only' spot. I was starting to think that I was missing something around that.

The moment of truth (as opposed to the moment of falsehood) came very quickly. I picked a machine outside the high limit room, inserted my card and...

...I had $200 free play. Not $400, but $200. Sigh. Ok, next, schlep to the slot club booth - where I lucked out, actually, as my host was on duty. She said she would work at fixing it and that I should go win some money.

The moment of truth (again). The T.I. freeplay is the kind where you put money in and play a hand. Win or lose, the amount of the hand is added to your credits. This continues until the freeplay is all gone. It's kind of nice, because you win every time.

I fired up Jacks or Better, 50 cents, and got busy. Once the freeplay was done, this is what I had:
I put in $20, played the $200 freeplay, and had $192.50. I squirreled the ticket away and got a call from my host. The free play should be topped up. It wasn't showing, so I pulled my card out, put it in the adjacent machine to check it and yes! it was there. So I had my $400 freeplay as promised. I pulled the card out again, and played some more, putting a $20 bill in.

And after 10-15 minutes of that, realized that my slot card was stashed safely in my shirt pocket, and I was amassing no coin in whatsoever, as far as the T.I. computers were concerned. Fuck! Rookie mistake!!!

I was actually quite nervous - I'd built this moment up in my head for weeks, it was like the championship game had finally started.

My "FRED!!!!" sound went off - it was a text from my pal Kevin, who had just gotten a dealt Royal at the Four Queens - we had plans together later in the day. I was ecstatic for him, it had been forever since he'd hit a Royal there. It was on dollars, too. Way to button-fuck them, Kevin.

Maybe his good luck boded well for me? It certainly boded better than it had boded for somebody who'd clearly had a bad night at the T.I. slots.
I played. I put in $20 more. I played more. I put in $20 more and then $20 more.

That burned up my available $20s, so I put the $192.50 ticket in.

You have to remember, these are the same machines - Killer 50 Cent Machines of Death -  that have eaten me alive for two trips running. But, I had a goal, I was going to play, I was going to stick to Jacks, no reason not to put the big ticket in and play.

That's when the quads started to come. Oh it was lovely. I'd had only four quads this whole trip, and it was nice to find a groove, play and play, and hit some damn hands.

Things were going so well, I did a 'three hand parlay'. I switched to dollars and promised I would switch back as soon as I had had three losing hands. Well, I didn't, I hit paydirt again.
Time for a break! I wanted to go see if I could get my room and get my gear stowed. I cashed out my ticket:
I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Or maybe it was the buffet Country Throw-up Gravy messin' with my other end, not sure. But the bottom line was, I was off to an excellent start with $2,500 coin in - a third of the way home already - and I was up $210 on the day. AND I still had $200 free play in reserve.

More VP action to come!

Shout-out to Mari Rocks, who has found a Flusher v. 2.0 business card. And some beer.

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    1. Great to see a turnaround! Now that the quads are coming....why not switch to DDB? or TDB?!?!?! And don't give some mathified answer, cuz you know we can lose just as fast on the so-called GOOD games.

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