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Friday, July 22, 2016

That Mining Guy

Day 11 - Part 3

I got parked at Sam's Town and made my way to the Slot Club Sheila, who did the needful, as my buddy Venkat Balakrishnan back on the grommet line at home would say.

Finally I was going to do something useful, something other than waiting at stoplights and then driving for 92 seconds to be able to wait at a stoplight.

I had to play $10 to get my $10 in freeplay. I started with a $5 bill. Well look what I got on the second hand!
Sam's sixes.
Beautiful! I played enough to get the freeplay and cashed out $30. Then I played the freeplay and got $10 out of $10 freeplay. Score!
Sam's Tickets

Sam's Pole.
That was a decent foray into Sam's Town, and in no time, it was nothing but a memory in my rear-view mirror. Because that's (literally) how I roll.
Next stop - East Fremont. And I found what I was looking for.

The Blue Angel didn't sit on a stick all along - she had been part of the Blue Angel Motel (duh). But more importantly, the sign was still standing.
I found a couple other key motel signs that I photographed.

You can view the photo essay with all the cool sign pics on Royal Flusher World. See The Lost Vegas Motels of East Fremont.

That done, I was a stone's throw from downtown Vegas and... yes, another free meal on comp dollars at the Four Queens.

First though, a quick stop at the Mike's Bar to say hello to - guess who - Mike. I had something special for him, a limited edition Royal Flusher Signature Sticker, which has earned a place of prominence in the bar.

Next time you are there, see if you can spot it!
 I almost hit four Aces too... but didn't.
I had the spicy chicken club at Magnolia's for lunch - and tossed a business card out on top of the Double Bonus progressive sign. I wonder if it is still there.

Please don't climb out on top of this sign to retrieve the card - you could seriously injure yourself. Instead, employ the services of a Climbing Sheila to get it for you.

On the way out of downtown, heading for the Interstate, I noticed (for the 500th) time, that miner guy panning for gold figure. I know I've seen it in various pictures of downtown but I've been trying to figure out its history.

I grabbed a picture.

And later, found this:

Is it the same guy? I'm not sure.

And with that, I hauled ass for the final stand on this trip - at Mandalay Pay.


    1. I take that back... I thought you went to the Blue Angel before Emerald Island.

      I would have taken I-215 to Henderson, then after Emerald Island, I-515 to Sams Town, then back to I-515 to the Blue Angel.

      You're welcome.

    2. not the same guy.......the chicken looks delicious....:)

    3. Not the same miner, the miner in 1st photo has gun directly below right elbow, miner in 2nd photo has gun that is definitely situated behind his right elbow.

    4. There used to be a pair of those miners. One is at the gift shop on Fremont (your photo). The other (from the vintage photo) is in the parking lot of the Gold Strike casino in Jean.


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