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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Scrounge Trip Bean-Counter Math Poindexter Comp Spin Wrap-up Post

What a trip! All in all, it was a huge success, except I didn't get to play enough. But I had a lot of fun, and I had it cheaply.

And now it's time to enumerate some of the goodies I cashed in on to see how much value add I got from the trip.

Everyone loves a comped room. But there are a couple of things to consider that make it one of my favorite comps:

  • If you pay for a room, you pay 12% tax on top. The comped room is worth 12% more than you think.
  • If you have a comped room, there is a chance you can get the resort fee comped. And again, there is tax on the resort fee, to add insult to monetary injury.
  • If you get all your room nights comped, you can brag to your friends at home that you stayed in Vegas for blah blah days and you didn't pay a dime for a room.
I pulled off the dozen-fecta on this trip - 12 nights, all comped. I only paid resort fees on two nights at Mandalay Bay, and the resort credit that came with the offer almost covered it.

Let's see how it breaks down. I use a lowball estimate for room comp rates, based on what I would pay if I had to, but excluding those ridiculous 'there's a convention in town so Saturday night is $449' rates.
Luxor3 nights @$75 plus tax$252.00
Resort fees$87.00
Golden Nugget3 nights @$100 plus tax$336.00
Resort fees$84.00
T.I.2 nights @$75 plus tax$168.00
Resort fees$67.00
Tropicana2 nights @$75 plus tax$168.00
Resort fees$56.00
Mandalay Bay2 nights @$100$224.00
Resort Credit$50.00
Room Comp Total Value$1,492.00

Almost $1500 for rooms and resort fees. Not bad.

I also got a ton of freeplay, so lets add that up.

Luxor Freeplay$75.00
Nugget Freeplay$125.00
Nugget Tournament$50.00
TI Freeplay$400.00
TI Freeplay from Points$60.00
Tropicana Promo Chips$125.00
Mandalay Bay Freeplay$75.00
Binions Freeplay$20.00
Other Freeplay$60.00
Freeplay Total Value$990.00

The last area we need to look at is free food and various scrounged goodies. The food came from pure comps, from comp dollars available on various player's cards (Nugget, Four Queens, Binions), and as very welcome freebies from Flusher fans Funkhouser and Fevin Kevin.

Uberfree ride$10.00
Magnolias for twoLunch$25.00
NuggetDinner on points$15.00
Starbucks NuggetCoffee on points$5.00
Ruth's Chris and DTGFunkhouser Gift Comps$150.00
Hugo's CellarKevin Gift Comp$125.00
NuggetBreakfast buffet on points$16.00
Four QueensTaco Salad points$10.00
T.I.half off dinner$15.00
Four QueensBreakfast on points$12.00
TropicanaShow Tickets$50.00
TropicanaStarbucks on points$5.00
Four QueensLunch on points$10.00
Food 'n Goodies Total Value$638.00

I'm not interested in getting any more detailed than that, this pretty broad swaths of info give us the big picture we need.

The grand total of comps received is $2,130. And I got $990 in freeplay as well.

It's interesting that most of these comps are granted as the result of prior expeditions to Vegas, including the January 2016 trip where I dropped $5,000. 

Well, I just got 60% of that value back in freebies and freeplay.

I played very limited amounts at some of the properties, particularly the Nugget, Luxor and Mandalay Pay. So what will happen to future offers?

Well, the Nugget offers dropped the freeplay a bit but I still get 3 nights or 4 nights plus tournaments.

The Luxor offer... actually IMPROVED. Go figure. I'm now looking at 3 nights, $100 resort credit, and $125 freeplay.

The Mandalay Bay offers have stayed about the same.

I also benefited from a few scrounges, like using an old Visa gift card from a previous trip, using a credit on a Visa card for most of the car expense and so on. And flying on points. That all added another $500 worth of value I would say.

As far as hard expenses go, here's the breakdown.

Gambling Losses$705
AirfareAir FU Canada on Points from Flusherville$190
Seat UpgradeAir FU Canada Slaveship Seat to Normal Loser Seat$33
Car RentalHave $200 CAD credit$92
Other ExpensesGas, Food, Tips, Booze$412.00
Total Cost for the Trip$1,432.00

This trip basically cost me $1432 US including room, food, car, entertainment and gambling.

Pretty savvy. I'm happy with this.

The question I get asked more than any other is this:

"When is the next trip?!!!!"

It's already booked. Stay tuned!


    1. This is what drives me insane about Vegas. Comped rooms and food and it still cost $1400. Because degenerate. I am talking more about me than you when I disparage the degenerate behavior. I want you to be happy with the outcome so we get more reports. Wow only $1400? That's so great!

      1. The part that burns me is the over $200 US on a flight covered by Aerofail points.

      2. That's kind of like paying $200 resort fees on a comped room! On my last trip I paid at least $100 for resort fees. I am sorry, didn't I already pay for this with my losses that generated these offers?

    2. That's incredible! I myself could never do the same number of days that Flusher does on a Vegas trip. I would be negative 4K the first week. Anymore then 4 to 5 days for me and I go on gambling tilt, it's just the degenerate blues.


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