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Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's up, Flushiepants?

What's up Flushipants? Lots! I still owe you guys a post with some info on all the comps and stuff I got on the $1000 Scrounge trip, so that I can feel better about the fact that I'm over $5K in the hole so far this year.

I've been busy over on Royal Flusher World. And so has Jimmy Poon. Oh boy has he been busy.

We determined that the old blog template had a few minor issues:
  • it was as eye-dazzling and discomfiting as a thousand truck headlights bearing down on a single deer
  • it didn't work well in tablet browsers, often crashing them
  • it didn't work as well on smartphones as it did on the desktop
  • it actually didn't work on smartphones at all
  • it was very green
On the plus side:
  • it was very green
I had Jimmy Poon use up last Saturday completely redoing the template for Royal Flusher World. He said he had things to take care of and I said, "Jimmy Poon, nothing is more important than fixing Royal Flusher World - your granny can get her groceries some other time."

I think the new Royal Flusher World site is much, much cleaner and neater. It's got... easy navigation, it's fast and convenient... and I'm glad you're on it, just like Steve Wynn.

To kick off the new template, I'm using the time-honored strategy of re-hashing old material! Doesn't matter, it might be new to you, right, and it's still good, like 6 day old chicken.

And, I'm also using the other time-honored strategy of adding new material! In particular, a series of articles on how to learn and play craps without tears, embarrassment, or wetting ones trousers.

I've taught many (5, or 6) people the game of craps, some successfully!
And what better time to take another look at a classic Royal Flusher Vegas trip report...

The Royal Flusher Gambling Games of the First Olympiad of Las Vegas

This was a really fun trip we took in 2008 in which we created and held our very own Las Vegas Gambling Olympic Games. Enjoy!

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