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Thursday, November 10, 2016

California Hotel Room Renovations

I can tell you first hand that the rooms in the west tower at the Cal are being renovated.

We were given one of them.

It's pretty nice, a substantial upgrade from the old decor.

Tubs are gone, replaced with glass showers.

We were the first ones to stay in this room, the safe was brand new and had never been used before.

And get this - the wall safes with the little key that you are petrified of losing? They are GONE. Replaced with the common digital safes, big enough for your laptops and iPads.

The fancy new compli-phone has all kinds of USB charging jacks. And the lamp has a couple too. They've thought this out!!!

Our parlor suite came with two recliners in front of the big-ass TV.

Have a colorful pee at the Cal!


    1. OK flushie bring it on.

    2. Normally a colorful pee is a bad thing, but the Parlor Suite looks pretty damn nice! Might have to consider the Cal next trip.

    3. Love the classy and restful d├ęcor. And that dresser is groovy. Did you put your undies in it? The clean ones?

    4. Very nice for the ol' Cal!


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