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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eight Pounds of Pork and a Pineapple

After work today I checked in with Chef Ian. The plan was for me to get the shopping done, except for the sauces and stuff - for that we'd use supplies out of the Flusherville Beanery kitchen.

I had procured 8 pounds of pork shoulder, in a two pack. The most... amazing... air-cooled chicken breasts, yes? A pineapple. A selection of cheeses. And a few other things.

Know your tire tread facts!!!
I even learned something at Costco - the difference between a NEW and a WORN tire.

So helpful!

"Hmm, Jerry.... I... Ima go with 1B. The NEW!!!"

Meanwhile in my kitchen...

Take 8 pounds of pork and a pineapple, and you've got yourself a shit-hot shindig, my friend!

Let's light this party UP!

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