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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Free Play is Free Play. For Free.

Every day I check the mailbox, and every day I hope there will be:

  • Cheques from the IRS (only one left to come!!!)
  • No bills
  • Offers with free rooms, food, show tickets, and most importantly... FREE PLAY!
Same for my email.

I get excited when the same old places send the same old offers because I hit 'em and run and never show them any play. Like the ones I get from the D from just 'drop-in' play.

Every couple of months I get FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS in freeplay for each month, and a $10 match play (which I have, apparently, astoundingly bad luck at, based on the last trip, but I'm not giving up!)

And today, there were goodies in the mailbox!
Been starting to play a bit more at Starship Binions downtown, last trip I gave them a $3K coin in day.

That didn't do much to change things, but we're thinking about hitting 'em a bit hardert his coming trip.

Like clockwork the offer came, though, and I still love it because FREE PLAY!

Everything about this offer shouts "I'M SPAYSHULL!" The all caps in one FREE room night! The Special Casino Rate!

The twenty beans in free slot play.

Yeah, that's what I'm about.

Hell, remember what happened on the last $20 I played at the Podunk Casino? Yeah. Fuck... yeah.

Coming soon!

    1 comment:

    1. Binions loved me when they were Binions. Then Four Queens bought Binions just so they could stop Binions from sending me offers. Those dicks.

      I have never once used my Four Queens points for anything ever. I like to fantasize that there is a surprise several hundreds of dollars of comps hidden on there. Maybe I should find out.


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