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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Get Your Dauber Wet for Vegas Bingo

Well, the Big Fall Trip is coming soon, and we are in the midst of all kinds of preparation.

We've done Vegas so many times that some of our activities, accomplishments, and epic fails are kind of predictable. But, this doesn't detract from it in any way whatsoever.

With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to play Trip Report Bingo, so I had Jimmy Poon make up a bingo card for me.

As the technical wizard of the site, gambling advisor, and as someone who knows all my bad habits and social shortcomings, I knew he'd be able to make up something interesting.

As usual, Jimmy Poon did not disappoint me.

There are lots of fairly obvious gambling squares, and some more difficult ones, such as getting four ducks on Deuces while and on the Loose Doose. And, of course, hitting a Royal.
I might ask for some changes. There's no casino projectile vomiting into an ashtray, or falling asleep at the Flintstones video slot machine, for example.

There's no 'Dinner = Martini Olives'.

There's no 'Crotch Grab by a High Priced Hooker'.

So maybe there's room for improvement.

Meanwhile, I think I'd better make one up for the Quad Queen. I've asked her what kinds of things she wants on it. I'll take this input under respectful consideration, and then completely offend her with my off-color choices.

Life is good when Vegas is around the corner.

Under the G, High Priced Hooker Grab!


    1. Ha ha..priceless. Maybe we can help you embarrass yourself! LOL

    2. No Punishment Breakfast Flusher?

      1. I need to add some squares and change the game name to BLINGO.

    3. For purposes of full disclosure what is considered "Big Keno Win"? After the low rolling trip report one might expect a $5 dollar return a "Big Keno Win". :)

      1. Excellent question. Let's say something 500 times the cost of the game. So $500 on a dollar ticket, $125 on a quarter ticket.

    4. How many nights will you stay? That could determine whether to go for bingo or blackout. :)


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